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Blogs - Marty Rathbun
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 10:50

A number of people have come to see me to help sort out arduous, extended mind-games the church has played with them concerning the subject of Clear.

It is quite remarkable that the church has had such success in confusing so many people about a subject that is simplicity itself.

The basic on the chain is the McPherson case. In the summer of 1995 DM personally wrote an extended C/S r-factor to Lisa McPherson that denigrated all Flag tech terminals on her case and falsely declared her as Clear. Apparently having recognized herself she was not experiencing the calm that others had described the state as including, and having lost all faith in anyone beneath the COB himself sorting out what he had declared sorted out, Lisa became increasingly frantic and desperate about what was going on. Within three months Lisa had a psychotic break and died after a seventeen day squirrel Introspection Rundown at Flag.

After McPherson died, Miscavige successfully withheld from even those handling the criminal and civil cases that he in fact had initiated the chain of events leading to her death. Then in his inimitable every-outpoint-is-a-why style of evaluation, DM instituted a number of arbitraries to make the attestation to the state of Clear an engramic episode. He created a pendulum swing whereby it became an increasingly complicated process to attest to Clear.

DM briefed Flag tech terminals and tech and admin staff in a number of SO installations that there was no such thing as past life Clears. He said that all past life Clears had long ago been accounted for. Anyone with much technical training knows how specious and illogical such a claim is. But, for the many staff and public who were caught up in never ending Clear invalidation at the hands of the church, and subject to non-stop propaganda about DM’s immaculate conception, it seemed their confusions about Clear would go on for eternity.

Two people who were directly invalidated by such Miscavige briefings have visited me, had their confusions about Clear sorted out, attested and quite happily moved on.

Another trick perpetrated by DM is to pester those who have already attested to Clear with doubts and never-ending interrogations about their states before allowing them onto OT Levels. He’s got the tech heirarchies at Flag and AO’s programmed to program such people with endless sec checking. It seems the EP of those sec checks is not to have someone certain about Clear, but instead to become “certain” that DM is Source.

Two people who were subjected to that type of treatment visited, were easily sorted out and are now solo auditing their OT levels.

DM has g0ne so far as to redirect public who have been on the OT Levels for some time back onto Dianetics auditing; a high crime of some magnitude. This is particularly suppressive when one considers LRH devised a simple C/S to handle terminatedly anyone who might have gotten onto the OT Levels absent certainty about his or her Clear state.

A bloke who had been put back onto engram running after NOTs visited, the LRH C/S was performed, and he no longer has any doubt or reservation about his Clear state.

If five people thoroughly confused about their Clear states, all of whom sorted out next to instantaneously, could find their way to the middle of nowhere to get resolved – I fairly wonder just how many there are similarly situated within the C of Mestology.

There is no reason to be confused about Clear for eternity.

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Blogs - Thoughtful
Friday, 25 December 2009 13:24
For sometime I've been planning to bring online another website. The purpose of this new second website was to help get Scientology back on course by acting as a compass pointing to Scientology's philosophic core.

Additionally, many independent Scientologists have expressed a need for a website without the word "cult" in its domain name, where they could send their "dependent" Scientologist friends who were still under the thought-control of the Church of Miscavology. The first person to suggest this was one of our writers, Flur Fornow. Additionally, FriendsofLRH.org is back online, bigger and better than ever.

The new website is still under construction by SteveHallCreative.com, but it's usable now.

Christmas is all about the joy of giving, and so I wanted to give it to you.

The Iron Door of Scientology is opening; 2010 is going to be one hell of a year.

Introducing: www.rediscoverscientology.com

Again, this website was just born today -- Christmas Day, 2009 -- so it is going to grow. You simply won't believe one of it's features (soon to be released). In short, that feature alone is going to rock the Scientology world (in a good way).

Scientology-cult.com is all about whistle blowing: Using the technology of third-dynamic auditing to audit our group engram with the objective of returning the Church to sanity.

RediscoverScientology.com website is all about re-alignment: Reestablishing the core of our philosophy, replanting our roots so they can grow.

Scientology-cult.com is about rehabilitating a criminal organization: the Church.

RediscoverScientology.com is about enabling the Phoenix of Scientology to rise from the ashes.

Thank you for all YOU have done this year to open the Iron Door that has been closed for so long.

Please look over the new website and feel free to comment here with any ideas you have.

Written by Thoughtful

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Blogs - Thoughtful
Thursday, 26 November 2009 09:47

Photo of firemen fighting a fireThere have been times and places when being in the Sea Org was fun. There was purpose and even honor. Those days are long gone. Now it's more like being a prison guard (or prisoner) in a 1984-style prison system. Harsh ethics has become pervasive, trademark Miscavige; pointlessly so, unnecessarily so, arbitrarily so. Sea Org members were tough by design. They had to be because there was a big job to do and few to do it. But this is the crashing misunderstood word: toughness is NOT the same thing as harshness.

The only people who think so are the WEAK and criminally-minded people of the world. The truly TOUGH person is kind and able to love. They are so TOUGH they are able to take it all, handle it all, overcome anything, and yet they are still able to love people, laugh easily, and inspire others to do the same.

When I think about "tough," I think about LRH in the early days. I think "tough" and "character" go hand in hand. "Tough" and "compassion" go hand in hand. "Tough" and "wisdom" go hand in hand. "Tough" and "faith" go hand in hand.

"Harsh" -- that is the province of weak and the stupid. It is their misunderstanding. It is as close as they can come to "tough" since they have no way to comprehend what "tough" is really all about.

Here's who I think are really TOUGH: those individuals who have seen what's going on and who are now standing up and doing something about it against all odds, with zero funding... and winning. And all with zero harsh ethics, musters, justice actions, physical assaults, HCO Summonses, disconnections, rumor campaigns, black PR, lies, entheta, Severe Reality Adjustments, stat graphs, condition assignments, multimillion A/V systems, million-dollar events, written programs, projects, orders, and confidential COB Transcripts marked, "Not to leave the base."

It has taken a lot of hard work and even a few all-nighters, but even those were fun. :-)

Instead of all the wholly unnecessary idiocies, our efforts are characterized by honesty and intense friendships on every hand. Because the camaraderie is so high, we naturally have each other's back. Without enforcing a single aspect, we are the very definition of an OT team.

Instead of written programs, projects and orders we have initiative. We act in concert without a single product conference or planning session.

One of us starts something only to find that someone else started the exact thing needed to complement those actions. It's exactly like this: one of us decides to build a door and starts. Then he or she notices someone else is building a roof and someone else is building a wall and someone else is building a path.

Every one one of us is wearing a hat and doing a job and doing it for free because we care. Included in that are all the people who comment and lend their voice in support and defense.

I think some people believe there is a group of beings watching over the human race. I think even this idea is a romantically-stupid misunderstanding. The actual truth is far better than this fairy tale misconception.

The heroic beings exist. That’s a fact. But they aren’t “watching over” the human race... like angelic firemen in white gowns laying around on Cloud 9 until they are needed, then coming down to intervene.

We aren’t “watching over” the human race or “looking down upon” the human race.

We ARE the human race!

The human race is something special. Membership in our group is entirely open-ended and voluntary. Anyone can belong to that group who wants to belong because it's a matter of character.

Some of them joined the Sea Org. Many more never heard of Scientology. These beings live and work throughout the world and are called collectively the human race or in Scientology we call them the "4th dynamic."

David Miscavige thought he could subjugate them, "take them over" and make them follow his gibberish orders. I call that the incredible arrogance of a criminal imbecile.

He can label us “suppressive persons” or spread false rumors. He isn't going to crush the 4th dynamic. Not now, not ever.

With kindness, we are doing something about him. 

Written by Thoughtful


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Blogs - Thoughtful
Wednesday, 25 November 2009 16:31

Today, Robin posted this comment after reading T Paine’s “Common Sense”:

“Please clarify, are you speaking figuratively or literally when you say: ‘And organizationally there’s just him now, there’s no CMO Int, no Watchdog Committee, no Exec Strata, a neutered upper middle management and very confused organizations out in the continents.’  I really want to know. I have been off lines for some time, and this stuns me. You've got to be speaking figuratively. Wikipedia still lists those entities. Oh God, I hope so. If DM has actually physically done away with them then there truly is no hope for reform from within.”

Photo of razor spikes to prevent blowsWell, Robin this is a great question. However the reality gap is enormous!

To clarify, we mean literally, those entities DO NOT EXIST. That's why we're working so hard to sound the alarm. They only exist on paper. Let me repeat, they only exist on paper. Actually, not even that: they only exist in spoken word, i.e., DM's words during his speeches. In the physical universe, there is nothing. The buildings are there, but the Int Base consists of a skeleton crew of about 300 to 350 people mostly posted in Gold producing CDs and books.

The rest of Int management consists of a bunch of random broken down staff members who have been busted off post since the year 2000 or earlier. Sometimes they might have a post for a day or a week, by verbal order from COB. Then boom, just like that, they're off post again. Mainly he says, someone is now "WDC for Basics" or some idiocy, and that's really just for an event. So much animosity that has built up on DM's side against all the terminals of the Int base that he can't even stand to be in their space for more than a few minutes. Because of that reason, he rarely even goes to the Int base, but spends most of his time at the Freewinds, Flag, LA or somewhere else like DC (for a building opening).

DM has so many missed withholds he DESPISES all the Int execs. We aren't exaggerating when we have said over and over again that physical violence became the order of the day at the Int base. If you can image that kind of hatred, that kind of animosity, then you can image the kind of trust that accompanies that level of no affinity. You got it: zero trust.

Miscavige has zero... actually below zero trust for every single Int base exec. They have clashed so consistently and for so many years, that he 100% expects they will mess up, destroy or otherwise RUIN any project he gives them.

Couple that with the fact that he himself overtly cross orders and sabotages every project he gives them, OR else he interprets anything they do as 100% suppressive even when they do something right, and you get how hopeless the situation is.

Hence, he gives them NOTHING to do, except print CDs and books. All their comm lines are cut and have been cut for years. There is no telex lines, no phone lines, no evals, nothing coming into or out of the Int base. It is locked down and has been locked down for years.

All they produce are products for his events.

Now the reason all this went so wrong is not because the base is populated by SPs. It's because DM is an SP himself. So he is surrounded by conflict. But to bring it to a sharper point: The reason DM hates all of Int management is because they implemented his programs and orders, such as the “New Era of Management” (see New Era of Mismanagement by Outside the Box for a perspective from Flag Management of what this program meant to Scientology). All those programs and evals and orders from DM crashed Scientology. DM, being an SP, then does what SPs do: kick the cat (selects the wrong target). He should be kicking himself: it was his own crap programs and orders that destroyed Scientology, like stopping the Dianetics book campaign in 1990 because it was cutting across the Key to Life evolution when in fact it was supporting all of Scientology. It’s all idiocy.

The Int base does not operate on programs, projects, evals. There are no fixed posts above Gold. And many in Gold aren’t even fixed.  They operate on PT verbal orders only from DM’s mouth which are recorded and transcribed and issued as a “transcript” which everyone must word clear. Whatever he happens to say that day is put into effect immediately. If you don’t understand it, you have MUs (misunderstood words). If you don’t have MUs, you are “CI” (counter intention, meaning you have destructive intentions, e.g. you “want to destroy Scientology”).

Okay, here are some example: In 1998 Miscavige declared there were hundreds of hats on his plate. He set up a huge wall with baseball hats and on every hat was embroidered someone’s hat he had on his plate. I had just taken over the post as Scriptwriting I/C and I was one of the few to get their hats back. No one else ever did. That was just a minor story in the scheme of thing, but now let that situation rot and fester for another 8 years.

In 2006 DM took a walk through RTC. RTC was never a large org to begin with. In one day he busted 18 people out of RTC including Claire Headley and sent them down to expedite in CMO Int. There is not “RTC” staff (or maybe only a couple) at Int; just “COB’s Office.” RTC still has their RTC Reps probably, but those people just do what DM tells them to do (terrorize the lower orgs and push Tech out with DM’s squirrel programs like redefining instant read and F/N).

But “CMO Int” just consists entirely of a mob of people none of whom have any posts. They’re all expeditors.

When was the last time you heard of any Exec Ints doing anything? You didn’t because there aren’t any real Exec Ints on post. Ronnie Miscavige blew in 2000. He was one of the last and even he was not really qualified to head up marketing. Ronnie would have done much better had his brother (David) not constantly cross ordered, bypassed, uprooted, taken off post, and micro-managed marketing straight into the ground.

Also that year (2006) DM said that HCO and Qual Gold weren’t accomplishing anything. The only ones who accomplished anything that DM wanted was Cine and Audio. So immediately everyone in Qual and HCO Gold were reposted into Cine. Sue Turton, who has been an MAA in Gold since 1989, became a video editor. That’s what she does not. Others were reposted in Sets and Props, or in Audio.

Most all the movers and shakers left. There was a huge exodus from the Int Base. Mike Rinder is out. Zillions of people are out.

People who send reports to “Reports Off RTC” -- there hasn’t been anyone on that post for years. That’s why no one answers. Instead the reports go into a electronic format that DM can see. He uses it as intelligence so he knows who to target -- anyone criticizing his programs.

That is the state of the nation as best I know.

Nothing is going to happen from within. Nothing. It’s a matter of bringing to bear public pressure from outside the Church to force a reformation and end DM’s long history of criminality, barbarity and toxic programs.

Written by Thoughtful

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Blogs - Thoughtful
Tuesday, 17 November 2009 23:36

David Miscavige has enlisted three of his long-time partners in crime, Marion Pouw, Mike Sutter and Hansuli Stahli. If you’ve read about some of David Miscavige’s criminal activities, you’ve probably seen their names. Each one of them is an expert at justifying anything Miscavige orders, no matter how criminal. In fact, they’re so good at this kind of justification, so fast, it has become a substitute for having their own viewpoint. And when a person has lost their own viewpoint they can no longer as-is anything. So, they survive, machine-like, according to aberrated computations like "David Miscavige is always right" or "Nothing matters but expansion." Hence the term robot.

Whereas the purpose of Scientology is to bring a person up to the point he or she is capable of having his or her own viewpoint, “always observing to observe,” these people have honed the ability of seeing everything through the viewpoint of Miscavige. They never question anything he orders, they never see any shades of gray or gradients of right or wrong. They only see in stark black and white: anything Miscavige orders is white, is right. ANYONE who stands in his way is dark, is wrong.

If you have ever met any of them, chances are the words “condescending,” “arrogant” and “out of valence” will bring a smile to your lips. Who else would want to be a Miscavige crony?

These are some of the RTC staff who are willing to accept grossly inflated bonuses and pay for years to make David Miscavige’s weekly take of parishioner booty seem less excessive in the eyes of the IRS. They are Sea Org members BOUGHT and SOLD... weaned on a steady diet of favors, gifts, travel, nights out at the movies, ski trips and cash -- all based on false stats. RTC’s stats are based on property value. So they hire someone who does nothing but tour property full time and illegally inflate property value. Thus RTC’s stats are always up as long as the buildings look good! Who cares about the staff or actual Scientologists.

You’re going to hear more about their betrayals and abuses of public trust.

But suffice it to say, these are junkies so hooked on lies they can’t stop suckling the teat even though they swallow the blood of Scientology parishioners, i.e., YOUR money. Personally, I thought that money was supposed to go to bringing more people into the religion. But with all DM’s crimes, all the money in the world won’t bring people in. Meanwhile, most of the money is wasted on real estate to keep RTC’s stats up so the fat keep getting fatter with more bonuses and rewards.

Crossing the line

Well, as I said Miscavige has sent them on a special project of damage control. One by one they are contacting Scientologists and ex-staff and trying to “handle them” by showing them videos of all the new buildings. That the buildings are empty is no matter. "Expansion" has been redefined to mean "real estate."

Photo of Yael Lustgarten, Scientology's moral poster child
Tommy Davis's poster child for "Scientologists for Miscavige," Yael
Lustgarten, (right) joins Marion Pouw, Mike Sutter, Hansuli Stahli
and others who will do anything to please David Miscavige.

(Yes, t
his is a genuine photo.) For more on Yael Lustargen,
read this article by The Scarlet Pumpernickel.

So far, out of all the hundreds of staff who have left the Int base in protest over abuses there, they’ve only gotten a tiny handful of solid converts willing to sell their soul. Leading the way is Yael Lustgarten who only cares about herself and reconnecting with her wealthy Scientology family (after years of disconnection). Bringing about justice, doing what is right... "That's not my problem," she told me. Those, like Yael, under the Miscavige thumb are now being prodded to reach out to other ex-staff they haven’t spoken to for years (and thus never really cared about).

Yael borrowed $700 from one person and only after heavy intervention did she repay... part of it. Still owes $150. Classy.

So here's what to expect when the buzzards start to circle: After a bit of introduction, and “Gosh, remember when...” and “I heard you are married now...” they tell their own sanitized story. Then they bring up the people who are “attacking the church.”

To an out-of-valence justification machine like Marion Pouw, blowing the whistle on abuse, violence and crime = "attacking the church." Strange, but I don’t think human rights organizations around the world... I don’t think media outlets around the world... I don’t think the world itself would agree with that equation.

Next comes “logic” like “Why turn around and attack the thing we supported for all those years?” Why indeed?

Here are some possible answers: duh... because human trafficking is a crime? Because blackmail, extortion, racketeering, assault, torture are wrong? Because forcing thousands of abortions and hundreds of divorces is wrong? Because breaking up families through disconnection is wrong? Because embezzlement is wrong? Because soliciting millions in donations for one thing, but spending the money on something else is wrong? Because harming people to the point that some have committed suicide is wrong? Because using Reverse Scientology is wrong? Because making Scientology into a farce is wrong?

But why even wait for an answer? Instead Yael and her crony buzzards rush onward from inane rhetorical questions to naming key whistle blowers. Then they level the final condemnation.

The word from David Miscavige, filtered through Marion Pouw, Mike Sutter and Hansuli Stahli, through Yael Sherlock, Wolfi Frank and Neel Smed is that these leaders “only say they are pulling David Miscavige’s withholds, but it’s not true. They are hurting Scientology.” Are we really, now?

3rd-dynamic auditors

When I was six years old, I tried to do a back flip off a fence and broke my right arm just above the wrist. It was a compound fracture, but I didn’t cry. My parents rushed me to the hospital. After X-rays, the doctors told me they had to set the bones and when they did it was “going to hurt.”

It did.

But the bones healed and I got my arm back. The pain was over soon enough. 3rd-dynamic auditing is like that. Honesty can be a bitter pill. Miscavige is trying hard to spit it out. He’ll throw anyone under the bus. Me, you, any of us.

Ultimately, what all this shows is that “the tone arm is moving;” we are making progress.

Yes, I'm sure confronting the truth hurts. David Miscavige blew session in the early 1990s and has not been back in session since. No one has ever pulled his withholds, that's a big part of the problem. So we are doing it; and we're thorough.

Good for the soul

Expect the patient to howl and squirm. The medicine is bitter but lord it's needed. And what is that medicine? Ethics; transparency; accountability.

We haven’t spread any lies that I know of. We have exposed many crimes, however.

If there had been no flagrant criminality, no shocking abuses, no financial irregularities, no human rights violations, none of this would even be happening.

We aren't damaging Scientology. Those who committed the crimes are responsible for that. Did David Miscavige think he could commit all manner of crimes and never be held accountable for that? How arrogant.

Years ago, I wrote a slogan for film called, "The Married Couple": Can honesty restore what secrets destroyed?

I say yes. What about you?

Written by Thoughtful

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