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Your life belongs to you. Not to a self-appointed dictator/sciopath or to the degraded beings who support him. Let's move Scientology toward normalcy by ending the heavily-abused practice of enforced disconnection. Get your name on the list, be one of the first 500 indie Scientologists and take your life back. The ranks of indie Scientologists are growing daily. With enough names on the list we will break the back of disconnection, not because of this list, but because of the power of your communication lines, freedom and integrity being restored.

The first 60 or 70 names appear in random sequence. As an independent Scientologist you are your own leader.

ANYONE WHO USES ANY PART OF SCIENTOLOGY TECH, even if other parts are not true for you, is welcomed to be on this list. LRH said what's true for you is what's true for you. A person who blindly accepts everything is a robot not a Scientologist. Anyone who retains the right to their own integrity belongs on this list. Freezoners are naturally invited. Send your name to picture and don't forget details such as the year you started in Scientology, auditing and training levels, years on staff, and any recognitions or awards. All of which helps to show that you are sufficiently acquainted with the subject to know right from wrong.

  1. Christie King Colbran
  2. Steve "Sarge" Pfauth, ex-SO, Int base, personal friend of LRH
  3. Hadyn James (T Paine), started 1975, on staff 31 yrs, SO 25 years, CL IV C/S, OEC, Clear
  4. Lucy James, started 1976, staff 30 yrs, OEC, OT
  5. Mareka James
  6. Kat James
  7. Martin Padfield
  8. Ignazio Tidu, Scn since 1984, Class XII, Permanent Class IX (NOTs Auditor), 22 yrs in the SO, AOSH EU, FSO, FSSO
  9. Paul Haggis
  10. Mike Rinder, ex-Int base, (CO OSA Int, LRH PPRO Int, WDC OSA)
  11. Geir Isene, OT VIII
  12. Roberto Sánchez Núñez, Class V
  13. Steve Hall, Scn since 1979, Purif 2x, HRD 2x, PTS RD 2x, Suppressed Person RD, New OT V, L-11, Volunteer Minister Crs, Hard TRs, Stu Hat, Book One auditor, Book One Legionnaire, Ordained Scn Minister, HRD auditor, Hubbard Senior Sec Checker, Flag-trained Class IV, Flag “Ok to Operate an E-Meter,” PTS-SP Course (4X), Hubbard Personal Ethics and Integrity Course, Ethics Specialist, KTL/LOC, OEC Vol 0, Product Debug Crs, D of P Full Hat, Exec Status 1, OT Doctorate Course, Hubbard Art Course, 1,025 OT lectures; 2 yrs Guardian Activities Scnt (Intelligence Bureau); 3 yrs org staff (Austin); 20 yrs SO: 3 yrs Solo I/C FSO, 11 yrs Central Marketing; 6 yrs scriptwriting dir
  14. R.o.b.T.h.o.m.a.s.
  15. Tiziano Lugli
  16. Jamie Sorrentini Lugli
  17. Marty Rathbun, ex-IG Ethics RTC; blog
  18. Monique Rathbun, Clear
  19. Ivan Obolensky- ex-CO AOLA
  20. Eric Knutson, ex-Int base
  21. Dan Koon (Joe Howard), Class VI, OT V
  22. Mariette Lindstein, ex-RTC
  23. Ken Urquhart, ex-LRH Pers Off, LRH's close friend
  24. Jim Logan, OT V
  25. Stefan Tunedal, OT VII
  26. Katrina Tunedal
  27. Samantha "Sam: Domingo, OT V
  28. Trey Lotz, Class VIII, OT VIII
  29. Silvia Kusada, Class VI, OT VII
  30. Lise O'Kane, Grade 0, Class IV C/S
  31. Kathy Braceland, Senior CL IV, OT VIII
  32. Russ Williams, Class IV
  33. Murry Pearlman, Class V, OT V, FEBC
  34. Exilda Pearlman, OT VIII, Class VIII
  35. Kirsi Ojamo, ex-OSA Int
  36. Brad Hagemo, IAS Patron
  37. Natalie Hagemo, IAS Patron
  38. Jack Airey, 1st service in 1968 at LA Org, Scientologist for 43 years
  39. Tom Felts
  40. Shannon Kimoto, Scn since 1981, Clear, Level 0 Auditor, SO 21 years in CMO Int and RTC (Inspector General Communicator RTC)
  41. Hiro Kimoto, Scn since 1981, Clear, Book I Auditor, SO 21 years in CMO INT at the Int base
  42. Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch, LRH-trained Class XII C/S, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  43. Sherry Katz, OT VIII
  44. Mary Jo Leavitt, OT VIII
  45. David St Lawrence, Grad V, OT VII
  46. Gretchen (Gilbert) St. Lawrence, OT V
  47. Helmut Flasch, OT IV
  48. Helen Chen, OT VIII
  49. Jan (aka Sims) Weiss, OT VIII, ex-RTC
  50. David Friesenbichler
  51. Michel Puzzolante
  52. Colwell V. Garth, Scientnologist 37 years, Former S.O. Gold staff 18 years
  53. Linda McGinley  SRD, KTL, HQS; OT IV; 1 yr Cl 4 org staff/13 yrs SO/7 yrs at Gold; 35 years Scientologist
  54. Sinar Parman, Scientologist since 1976, 23 yrs SO at Int Base (ex Gold, CMO Gold, HU, CMOI, ASI, RTC, Posted by LRH as LRH Chef) OT IV, KTL, LOC, HDC
  55. Jackie Wolff, ex-Int base
  56. Tom De Vocht, ex-CMO, ex-Int base
  57. Shelly Corrias, ex-RTC
  58. Bruce Hines, ex CMOI
  59. Tim Hines
  60. Gary "Jackson" Morehead, ex Security Chief, Int base
  61. Mark Fisher, ex-RTC
  62. Theo Sismanides
  63. Olga Vernardou
  64. Jonathan Burke
  65. Ralph Hilton
  66. Michael Brown, ex-Class V org staff
  67. Margaret Kerrigan
  68. Greg Cook
  69. Don Jason, ex-FSO Exec
  70. Ted Horner, ex-Int base
  71. Vic Krohn
  72. Vicki Krohn
  73. Maurice Green, Scientologist since 1967, OT VI, Class IV
  74. Ron Minor, Grad V C/S, Scientologist since 1974, on staff 10 yrs in Las Vegas
  75. Ronald Ramirez
  76. Steven R. Bode
  77. Mike Hunsaker
  78. Jeff Pearlman, Grad V C/S, CCRD C/S, FPRD C/S, KTL/LOC C/S, Data Series, on staff for 11 years
  79. Cathy Greenbaum
  80. Ed Rhett
  81. Karen LaPorte, Scientologist 30+ years, Clear, Delphi SFB 17 years, Public Servicing Sec, Stevens Creek Org
  82. Mat Pesch (Mr. Peacock), ex-FSO exec
  83. John Nunez, Class VI C/S  http://lrhtech.hostoi.com/index.php
  84. Paul Adams, Class V, HPCSC, OT IV, 23 years in the SO, www.yawnguy.com
  85. Dexter Gelfand, 1978 to 1993, New York Org, CCNY & Miami Org
  86. Tom Shepard, Class 6 C/S, OT5
  87. Mark A. Baker, Scientologist '79, Freezoner '82
  88. Deirdre, Clear, on staff 8 years in Orange County, Scientologist since 1978
  89. Gabriel Bosch
  90. Caspar de Rijk, out since 1997
  91. Doug Parent, Clear, Scientologist 30+ years, music director and bassist Freewinds 1989-1990
  92. Yin Chew, OTV, Class IV
  93. Jeff Agee, Scn DRD, 6 years on staff Sacramento Org, Flag Trained Word Clearer
  94. Misha Priv, ex-Sea Org from the Int Base, directed translations units in pioneer areas
  95. Dean Blair, Class IX C/S and auditor, joined 1969, left CoS in January 2010
  96. Tatiana Baklanova, Class V, 1st Sea Org member in Russia, website
  97. (Name removed by request), OEC/FEBC, 20 years SO, 15 years at the Int base in RTC
  98. Henrik Salbol, Scientologist since 1972, ex-staff in DK, Free Zone since ‘04, NED auditor, OT 8
  99. Michael A. Hobson, Scn since 1978, Sea Org 8.5 yrs, SHSBC Crs Admin & Tech Films I/C ASHO Fdn 1991-1994, publicly disconnected from the S.O. Dec 2005
  100. Bruce Pratt, Scn since 1988, Grade IV, Student Hat, IA$ Patron Meritorious, CCHR Champion of Human Rights, declared 27 Oct 2010
  101. Eileen Clark, 32 yr Scientologist, 25 yr S.O. Veteran, Friend of LRH
  102. Sergio M. Mora, Ex-Snr Chaplain FSO, 1984-2001
  103. Nathan Rowlands, Pro Sup, Level 1 Auditor, DRD, staff 10 years at ACT Australia
  104. David LaCroix, OT IV, Professional FSM, www.freeheber.com
  105. Dennis Prunkl, 39-year Scientologist, OT V, D of T, HPWC, HPCS, Ethics Specialist
  106. Isabelle Prunkl, Scientologist since 1980, staff 10 years, ED Ottawa 4 years, OEC trained and Clear
  107. Dean Thomas, OT V
  108. Carol Kramer, OT VII, Class IV, OEC, KTL and LOC trained
  109. David Kramer OTV, class lV auditor, KTL, LOC
  110. Tara Toucheck Bryant, 12-yr Mission staff until 1999; Clear, Pro Registrar, Book One Auditor, Org Exec Sec, KTL/LOC, Grad V C/S, NED C/S, HRD Auditor, PTS/SP Auditor, Purif C/S, etc. Indie since 2010; Solo Auditor, OT I & continuing up the Bridge!
  111. Anna Schultz, Scientologist since 1987, Clear
  112. Penny Krieger, Clear, L11, KTL-LOC, Scientologist 40 yrs. Independence 2010
  113. Patricia Krenik, 57 yrs in Scn, 27 in Freezone, runs Freezone Academy in Elma, WA
  114. Ray Krenik
  115. Meisha
  116. Louise Williams, since 1955, Class VI St Hill 1967, Orig. OT VII, left CoS 1982, on NOTs in Freezone
  117. Roy Selby, Grad V Auditor, OEC/FEBC, Original full OT VII,  In Scientology since 1970
  118. Tommy Ståhl, Cl V Auditor, 3 times on staff: Goteborg 83, CLO 85-86, AOSH DK 2003
  119. Tom Martiniano, OT III, SO veteran
  120. Linda McCarthy, 39 year Scientologist 32 years SO, OT V, HPCSC, Level II auditor
  121. Tom Brown, 38 years in Scientology, NED auditor, New OT IV
  122. Rey Robles, 40 yrs. full time auditor & C/S, AOLA, Msn Holder, SHSBC, http://freezoneworldwide.info
  123. Charlie Sweeny: 1950s LRH lecture attendee, research auditing pc., Class IV auditor, ex Msn staff
  124. Tony DePhillips, mid New OT VII, Prov. Class IV, and Fully Hatted Ethics Officer
  125. Marie-Joe DePhillips, OT V, KTL/LOC, Level G SHSBC
  126. Conny Lundberg, 30 yrs in Scn, 2 yrs on staff, OT III, L 12, Class IV, HSSC, Supervisor
  127. Ing-Marie Lundberg, 35 yrs in Scn, 3+ yrs on staff, Clear, Class III, NED Auditor, Pro Word Clearer
  128. Lana Mitchell, ex-RTC, 10 yrs Int base staff, 15 yrs Sea Org
  129. Marsha (Pearlman) Sorensen, OT III, Class VI, 7 years AOLA staff
  130. Lisa Hamilton, SO 22 years, Senior HCO, left in 2008
  131. Chris Guider, ex-RTC, 24 yrs SO, OT V, Cl IX, HSSC, FPRD Aud, Scn Magistrate, OEC 0, 1, 2
  132. Valeska Guider, 17 yrs SO, Clear, HSSC, Pro Sup, HRD Auditor, PTS Rdn Auditor, OEC 0
  133. Robin Rhyne (Dallas), Scn since 1978, ARC Straightwire, Course Supervisor, Interned Class V Grad Auditor (pre-GAT), staff 18+ yrs with 7 years in HGC, currently delivering Grades, NED, general lower Bridge processing and Ethics handlings in the Indie field, freeandable, connect
  134. Richard Frazer
  135. Jean Tox
  136. Mark Elliott, in Scn 30 years, staff 14 years, Class II auditor... now CLEAR and Class IV in the Independent field! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  137. Bonny Elliott, in Scn 32 years, 16 years SO staff, Clear, Class II auditor
  138. Ron Matlock, Pro Sup, Auditor, Word Clearer, Power Plus, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  139. John Aaron Williams, Scn since 1988, 7 yrs Sea Org, ran the Dianetics Hotline
  140. Mike Wreggitt, ex-staff member, Scientologist since 1986
  141. Scott Campbell, Scientologist since 1984, ex-SO (Ship Project & Freewinds) 1985 to 1994
  142. Meshell Little
  143. Jim Little, Scientologist since 1989
  144. Heather Powers
  145. Edie Fields
  146. Ann Catherine Clark (nee Keirns), Scientologist since 1973, Grad V C/S, NOTs, 17 yrs in SO
  147. Dave Gibbons of Sydney Australia, Scn since 1974, New OTVIII, Class VI, HSSC, CCRD Auditor and Hubbard Advanced Tech Specialist, ex-SO. Resigned in disgust over the crimes, abuse, corruption of tech and ideals and the continued suppression of CofS staff and public.
  148. Michelle Matlock,  Scientologist since 1963,  Class Vlll
  149. E'MAN, Dissem Sec ASHOD, Supercargo ASHOD
  150. Luis Garcia, OT Vlll, Scientologist 28 years, Class IV, Ethics Specialist, author of "A Letter from Garcia," This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  151. Hy Levy, Ex-SO NOTs DofP 24 years, OT Vll
  152. Lori Hodgson Scientologist 34 years
  153. Francesco Minelli, Scientologist 36 years
  154. Luana Barbaglio
  155. Claudio Lugli, OTVlll, Ex-SO, Scientologist 36 years
  156. Renata Lugli, OTVll, Ex-SO, Scientologist 36 years
  157. Mark Hamilton, Ex-SO, Pro Crse Sup
  158. Joanna Cook, Ex-SO, Scientologist 9 years
  159. Daniel Montalvo, Ex-SO
  160. Mark McKinstry, Ex-SO 19 years National Sales Mgr. Bridge Pub., Scientologist 35 years
  161. Doug Parent, Scientologist 30 years
  162. Kevin Mackey, OTVlll
  163. Vicki Mackey, OTVll
  164. Elizabeth Hamre, Scientologist 35 years, OTVll
  165. Rafael Madeira from South Africa, OT V, HSDC
  166. Agustin Uribe, 14 years in the Sea Org, left in 2007
  167. Erwin Croughs, CLass IV, Ethics Specialist, Scientologist since 1985
  168. Marisa Padella Minelli, OT V, NED Auditor, Ethics Specialist, Scientologist since 1975
  169. Guido Minelli, OT IV, NED Auditor, Scientology Minister, Scientologist since 1975
  170. Izhar Perlman, Scientologist since 1978, OT VII, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  171. Gary Lerner, (Original OT7, OT8, KTL, PDC). Scientologist since 1978
  172. Yvonne Schick, OT VIII, Chairman Austin OT Committee, IAS Patrons with Honors, Ideal Org Humanitarian, SuperPower Key Contributor
  173. Ken Schick, OT VII, Exec Sec Austin OT Committee, IAS Patrons with Honors, Ideal Org Humanitarian, SuperPower Key Contributor
  174. Rita Wagner, Scientologist since 1983, 10 yrs staff Frankfurt org (Book One auditor, Reg), SO 1 yr (FSO Asst. Reg)
  175. Michael Fairman, Scientologist since 1983, New OT VII, Actor (incl. star of many Scn public films and Tech films)
  176. Renere Lopez, ARC Straight Wire
  177. Peter Smith of Sydney Australia, Class V ,OT V, Scientologist 25 years, Staff 10 years, IAS lifetime member
  178. Elena (Dubow) Ross, 10 years, CL 6, OT4, Sea Org staff, missionaire: USLO, FOLO, ASHO, AO
  179. Kinga Falk from Germany, 15 years in Scientology, 8 years SO, Happiness Rundown
  180. Masserini Gabriella, Joined in 1983, OT Vll
  181. Paulo Facchinetti, OT Vll, Italian Scientology pioneer
  182. Tiziano Marzotto, Clear, 27 years in Scientology
  183. Sandro Fainozzi
  184. Giovanni  Carboni, Clear, Scientologist since 2002
  185. Kim Andrews, Scientologist since 1977
  186. Irina Andrews
  187. Paolo Grazioli, Scientologist since 2002
  188. Armando Comincini, Clear, Class lV, Scientologist for 20+ years
  189. Alexis (Lex) Gaddy, staff 2.5 years, Golden Age of Tech Academy Supervisor
  190. Giovanna Ongaro, OT lV
  191. Giovanni Servalli, OT lV
  192. Luca Servalli
  193. Paul Bourgeois, OT lll, L10, L11, Scientologist for 20+ years
  194. Kay Proctor (Austin, TX), Scn since 1984, Public Contact Sec CC Dallas 1987 - 1991;  IAS Honor Roll; Exec Status I, Data Series, Pro Reg, currently on Solo NOTs in Indie field
  195. Cynthia (Cindy) Pinsonnault, Scn since 1967 (mom was a Scn), Clear, former mission ED, IAS Founding Patron (Houston, Texas)
  196. Bert Schippers, Scientologist since 1986, OT IV, IAS Patron Meritorious, Double Cornerstone, Silver Humanitarian/Excalibur
  197. Lynne Hoverson, Scientologist since 1973, OT V, IAS Patron Meritorious, Double Cornerstone, Silver Humanitarian/Excalibur
  198. Kim Loss, Clear, Grad V/CCRD C/S, Purif C/S, KTL/LOC C/S
  199. Glenn Ladewig (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist 15 years, Class II Auditor, IAS Patron
  200. Amie Lee (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1997, Flag-trained HPCS, staff 7+ years
  201. Tricia Slocum (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1992, Purif, Class I Auditor, IAS Patron, staff for 5+ years
  202. Kris Slocum (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1992, HRD, Student Hat, IAs Patron, staff 2.5 years
  203. Rob Judd, Scientologist since 1975, HDC, Ethics Spclst, Word Clearer, MCSC, Co-Audit Sup, Clear, OT III (FZ), (Melbourne)joh
  204. Laura Wilson (West Texas), Class IV, FPRD Auditor, NED Course, OT VIII
  205. Ingrid Smith, Scn since 1970, pro auditor 40 years (over 40,000 hours), made over 100 Clears, Grad V, Class IV C/S, L11, L12, OT IV, website
  206. Andrey Organ, Scn since 1993, founding staff Republic of Moldova, pro sup, bilingual (Eng/Rus) Class V auditor
  207. Bryan Ubaghs, Scientologist since 1989, Scn DRD, Pro TRs, Staff Status 2, Book One auditor
  208. Vicki Palmer, Scientologist since 1981, Power completion, KTL/LOC, Pro TRs, IAS Honor Roll
  209. Richard Palmer: 12 year Class V staff (Snr C/S SEAF), Course Supervisor, Pro W/Cer, Class IV, Class IV C/S, KTL/LOC (Supervisor, Auditor & C/S), Ethics Spcialist, New OT IV, IAS Honor Roll
  210. Richard Kaminski, SSIII, HSPCC, Clear, ex-SO on the Apollo with LRH, 73-74 as Dir Comm (Rochester, UK)
  211. Eric Strudwick, in Scn since 1971, Clear, L12, PRD, HDG, HPCS, ex-Mission ED, org staff 2 yrs, IAS "Crusader"
  212. Maureen Sullivan, in Scientology since 1975, Clear, KTL/LOC, EDSEC, mid SHSBC, IAS Patron
  213. Robert Earle, Scientologist since 1972, 18 yrs staff (3 mission/15 org), Clear, Purif I/C, KTL/LOC, OEC/DSEC and Flag PR Briefing Course
  214. Greta Eckhoff-Alexander, Scientologist since 1972, SO 27 years, mid OT VII, NOTs C/S, CCRD C/S
  215. Tom Price, CPA, Scn since 1971, Class VI, OT IV
  216. Rocio Garcia, OT V, IAS Patron, Super Power Founding Member, Gold Humanitarian Ideal Org of Orange County
  217. Ragne Mansfield, Scn since 1977, Class IV and NED auditor, 4 yrs on staff, IAS Sponsor, TUEU translator (Swedish)
  218. Joy Grason, Scn since 1983, singer, voice of "Flag is Here" and numerous Scientology songs
  219. David Succi, Scn since 1996, Grade IV, HDA Auditor, Patron with Honors, aka "Spartacus"
  220. Mike Wilson, in Sci. since 1976, OT VIII, OEC, FEBC (West Texas)
  221. Ziba Feulner, Scientologist since 1988, (Germany), Cl V Grad, FPRD, HRD Auditor, 10 yrs staff (Dusseldorf), ITO-trained Gold Seal EstO, Sup, Word Clearer, the first Afghan New OT VIII
  222. David Lingenfelter, Scientologist since 1977, ex-SO (Gold), Clear, NED Auditor (Texas)
  223. Mercy Lingenfelter, Scientologist since 1976, ex-SO (CMO IXU), Clear, Student Hat
  224. Les Warren, Scn since 1973, Grad V auditor, OEC, FEBC, DSEC, New OT VII, mid the SHSBC, 14 yrs staff
  225. Anita Warren, Scn since mid 70's, Class IV, OT III, L10, L11, L12, Purif I/C, Purif C/S, ex-staff, left Co$ due to out-tech at Flag '05 - '07
  226. Alex Castillo, Scn since 1969, HDA, ex-SO 1972, Product 0 aboard Excalibur, Flag Management 6 years, Grade V, OEC, FEBC, DSEC, HEJSC, Missionaire school (England)
  227. Moneca Ryane (aka Marilyn Scheuer), Scn since 1971, ex-staff (Detroit), Super Literacy, OT IV, OEC, FEBC, (not declared)
  228. Komra Moriko, HRD, Boston Foundation staff 2005 - 2007
  229. Karry Campbell, Scn since 1976, ex-staff LA Day 1985, ex-SO: OSA 1986, FSSO/Freewinds till 1994, KTL/LOC Sup
  230. Randy Smith, Scn since 1970, OT V, Grad V C/S, SHSBC, OEC/FEBC, KTL, Pro TRs, ex-SO, 23 yrs mission/org staff (auditor and C/S)
  231. Kay Christenson, Scn since 1970, OT IV, Pro TRs, KTL/LOC, Pasadena staff 15 yrs till 1996 (Treas Sec and FBO)
  232. Caesar Alarcon, Scn since 1971, Clear, Basic course training, Benefactor of Harlem Org
  233. Terry Brawley, Scn since 1968, Grade 0, KTL, LOC, staff Miami (5 years), Sea Org 1981-2001 (NWC Int, IMO (OSA Int), FCB
  234. Giuseppe Cremonesi, Scientologist since 1995, Grade IV, Student Hat, Pro TRs, ex-SO (1996 - 1998)
  235. Peter Markowski (Zürich, Switzerland), Scientologist since 2009, 2 months on staff
  236. Midge Zylker, Scientologist since 1977, Book One Auditor, Pro TRs, KTL & LOC, Clear, L 11 & L12
  237. Ivan Garcia, left the CoS after 12 years, Grade 0
  238. Marsiglia Omar, Scientologist since 1996, staff members of Ideal Org of Roma
  239. Salvini Barbara, Scientologist since 1996, staff members of Ideal Org of Roma
  240. Mariella Hosseini, Scn since 1996, Clear, KTL & LOC, PTS/SP, Pro TRs, Power FSM, top producer of OT Committee, I/C of Farsi (Persian) translation of LRH books '06-'08, delivered weekly seminars for Persian Community ('05 - '06), audited hundreds on Book One (Orange County)
  241. Gary Halonen (Canada), Scn since 1974, Clear, Senior Course Super Toronto, Mission Holder
  242. Antonio Amodeo, Scn since 1997, Student Hat, Grade 0, Cavalier donator for Padova org (25,000 Euro)
  243. Byron Dawson, Scn since 1978, Clear, FPRD basic list, KTL/ LOC grad (KTL in LRH's handwriting), 9 years in the SO (FLB Finace Office)
  244. Terry Laster (aka Theresa Laster-Raede), Scn since early 70's, Class V auditor, mid OTV, admin, ethics and basics training
  245. Mike Moore, OT VII, Scientologist since 1969, ex-Flag Rep Australia, President International Freezone Association Inc.
  246. Jeff Siebrand, CL 2 Grd 0
  247. Nicci Lotz, Scn since 1975; OT5, L11, L12, L10 (I/P), KTL/LOC; Ex-SO at Flag; Prod 2, MCSC, FPRD auditor
  248. Anat Krier, Scn since 1990, Class II, SHSBC Level G, OEC Vol 0, ex-SO (1 yr), New OT VII
  249. Ed Paulson, Scn since 1975, OT IV, L's, HCSC, Class III, Ethics Specialist, Data Series Evaluator, 3 yrs SO
  250. Sandy Richards, Scn since 1971, mission staff, Staff Status I & II, Student Hat, Method One, Vol 6 OEC, posted Dist Sec/ Div 6 (apprenticed Miami org), Purif, book auditor, Hubbard Source Viewpoint Crse., Hard TRs, Expanded Grades, Clear #16807 (May 1979), OT III, Superpower Cornerstone Contributor
  251. Helma Paulson, Scientologist since 1988. Grad V auditor, Ethics Specialist, 3 yrs SO
  252. Stefano Scarpa, Scn since 1979, Milano staff 1988, Student Hat; Pro TRs; staff status 1-2; Exec status 1; HDA
  253. Brian McGuire, Scn since 2006, Grade II, Class VA Hubbard Expanded Dianetics Specialist Graduate Auditor
  254. Gary Mahon, Scn since 1996, Purif completion, mid PTS-SP Course
  255. Yolanda Atayde-Dawson, Scn since 1976, Grade IV, NED auditor, S.O. staff 7 yrs (1986-1993)
  256. Tim Swanson, Scn since 1977, 3-L's, on Solo NOTs, Ethics trained and interned, KTL/LOC, Class 0 auditor, HSSC, Exec Status 1, Data Series, Staff early 80's, trained Course Sup
  257. Carol Christie, Scn since 1978, Interned NED Auditor, CL 6, Pro Sup and Word Clearer, ex-SO (ASHO & Flag), OT IV, left FSO in 2008 due to their gross out-tech
  258. David Stokes (Toronto), Scn since 1973, ex-staff, HQS, Staff Status II, MCSC, HSDC, Class IV, HSSC, KTL/LOC, HESC, IAS Patron with Honors, mid New OT VII, declared Aug 2011; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  259. Teresa Greer (Ramsey), Scn since '95, staff 11 yrs, Purif, HQS, Exec Status II, Mini Hats: ED, D/ED, PRES, HES, OES & PES, PTS/SP
  260. Claire Yurdin (Adams, Luhrs) OT IV, Class IV, HDC,  Super Literate, staff 10 years (org, mission, Delphi)
  261. Mark Whitehouse, Dianetics auditor, basic staff hat, Clear, ex-SO
  262. Tim Daigle (Vancouver, B.C.), Scn since 1972, Class IV, HSDC (Dianetics), Superliterate, currently auditing OT levels
  263. Kevin Tighe, Declared Christmas Eve 2010
  264. Lars Asplund, Scn since 1967, Class VI in 1975, mission/org staff 10 years, SO 20 years, Super Lit, KTLSup, OT III
  265. Kevin Boland, Scn since 1982, PDC Graduate, OT 4, L11
  266. Bruce Q Hammond, Scn since 1988, Cl 0 Auditor, HQS, Student Hat, PTS/SP, PRO-TRs, KTL/LOC Grad, IA$ Honor Roll, "Study your way to OT" bridge
  267. Bill Straass, Clear, Sunshine RD, Pro TRs, KTL, LOC, Prod 0, 1, OEC Vol 0, Mechanics Chief Freewinds 16 yrs, Board I/C and HGC Admin 4A FSO 7 yrs, Warrant Officer, Received "Award of Extreme Competence" in 1996 after keeping another cruise ship afloat which was on fire in Freeport Harbor
  268. Betsy Reppen, Scn since 1977, OEC/FEBC, ex-staff SEA F, SO Member for 9.5 yrs, expelled Feb 2012
  269. Mike Reppen, Scn since 1973, CL IX, OT V, 25 year Sea Org veteran, expelled Feb 2012
  270. M.e.i.e.r  R.o.g.e.r., Scn since 1974, OT IV, HSDC, Level 0 and dozens other courses, years on staff and years as Fulltime FSM
  271. Bob Grant, resigned from the CoS in 1994, Class VIII, OT III, Ottawa Canada
  272. Donald C. Cramer, Scn since 1976, 12 years on staff; Flag trained Grad V C/S; former Snr C/S Philadelphia; former C/S Washington, DC; Fully Hatted Cramming Officer; Fully Hatted Snr C/S; OEC Vols 0, 4 & 5
  273. Jerry Brady, Scn. since 1985, OTVI, mid SHSBC, Ethics Specialist, KTL, LOC, 3 Ls; #1 FSM Portland 1993, 94, 95 & 96; Exec Trained, Hubbard Admin Consultant
  274. Kathryn Brady, Scn since 1979, OTIV, Ethics Specialist,  mid SHSBC, Staff PTL Org, Stevens Creek, Hollanders and Sterling Mgmt.; #1 part-time FSM PAC, Exec Trained, Hubbard Admin
  275. Rosalie Hamilton, Scn since 1984, LLT Clear, Class IV auditor, Solo I, occasional volunteer at Dallas Org
  276. Ronnie Bell (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1973, HAS, HQS, Student Hat, Staff Status I, Purif, Life Repair, CCRD, Clear, LA Org staff '74, pro renos staff on Sea Org projects from '88 to '97
  277. Jennifer Bell, Scn since 1994, Staff Status II, Purif, STCC, Treas Sec LA Org 1995 through 1996
  278. Ulf Olofsson, Scn since 1989, non-recognized Clear otherwise SCN DRD; 5 Specialist Full Hats at Gold including full apprenticeship, Grad V Auditor and C/S (RDD style); 20 yrs on staff, 16 at Int base; Dept head over recording and mixing at Gold
  279. Eliana Alaimo (Italy), Scn since 1987, CL IX, mid OT VII, Sea Org (Freewinds) 2004 - 2007
  280. Frank Oliver, DSA Invest Off Miami, OSA Invest CAN Unit, SS2, Clear
  281. Keith Chessell, 10 yrs staff 86 - 96 DofT, Sup, W/Clr, CL4, KTL, LOC sup/review, OT VII, now following LRH's OT route
  282. Randall Cook, in and out of CoS since 1976, final disconnection Jan 1, 2012
  283. Dickie Conn, OT VIII, Class IV, ex SO at Flag and over 35 years as a Scn!
  284. Marcela Lachef, in support of true spiritual values
  285. Robert Almblad, HDC, Class II, Solo auditor, OEC 1974, one of first 15 NOTS completions at Flag in 1979, New OT V completion 2005 at Flag, worked for LRH 1972-1973 Apollo
  286. Stephen Rockford Hammond, Scientologist since 2004, HDA, HQS, PTS/SP course
  287. Scott Weible
  288. Rachel Denk, Widow of Dr Gene Denk (LRH's doctor and friend), Scn since 1974, KTL/LOC, OT VI; many ethics, tech and admin training courses; staff LA Day for 5+ years, Writers of the Future 12 years
  289. Chris Black, Scn since 1976; HSST (one of the few Class VIII C/Ses ever made); OT VII; 20-year staff veteran in Tech and Qual; Staff Status IV & DSEC; delivering the LRH Bridge in Toronto, Canada
  290. Ulf Samuelsson, Scn since 1988, KTL, LOC, Running Program, Swedish Translator at the Int base 1992-1997
  291. Steve Curry, San Diego Org Staff '71-'73, HSDC, HPEIC, SHSBC, KTL/LOC, OTIII, Indie since 2008
  292. Dora Luca, Scn since 1974, Original Full OT VII, New OT V, L11, L12, Grad V Auditor, OT review auditor, Staff Status III, 10 yrs staff
  293. Sylvain Dumas, Montreal, P.Q., Canada, Scientologist since 1993, Purif, Student Hat, HDA
  294. Harold van den Berg, Scn since 1986, Grade IV, HQS, Student Hat, Pro TRs, HDA, Book One auditor, current Executive Director of Criminon Durban
  295. Andrea Sciortino (Italy), Scientologist since 1987, OT V
  296. Marina Rubino (Italy), Scientologist since 1988, OT III and Book One auditor
  297. Umberto Chifari (Italy), Scientologist since 1988, OT III and Book One auditor
  298. Gordon Mackay (South Africa), Scn since 1996, Div 6 Courses, HDA, Book 1 Auditor, Scn Handbook Crs, Student Hat, PTS/SP, Ability Congress (on Freewinds), NED, Power, now mid Clearing Course
  299. Elizabeth Human (South Africa), Scn since 1996, Div 6 Courses, Scn Handbook Crs, Basic Study Manual (on Freewinds), Grade IV
  300. Ronald P. Klipstein (Ron), Scientologist since 1989, staff and services at CCNY 1988 - 1995, IAS Patron plus
  301. Calvin B. Duffield (Durban, South Africa), Scn and dedicated to LRH Scientology since 1971, Life Repair, Student Hat, PRD, HQS, FSM, uses LRH tech daily
  302. Dorothy Duffield (Durban, South Africa), Scn since 1973, HAS Course, Superliterate, Levels 0-IV, Interned Class V, first NED Auditor and C/S in Durban Org, Criminon counsellor to South African prisoners since 2006 with enormous success stories.
  303. Brett Haugen, Scn since 1991, Clear, Student Hat and PTS/SP, L11, ex-staff, IAS Patron
  304. Candice Williams (Schifeling), Scn since 1999, ARC Straightwire Quads, IAS Lifetime (myself and my daughter)
  305. Phil Bruemmer, Scn since 1971, OEC/FEBC, Class VI C/S, MCSC, PWCC, Cram Off
  306. Candy Swanson, original OT VII; Class VIII, XDN, staff in NY Org, AO Alicante, AO Scotland, AOLA, Apollo 1969-1970 and the original Celebrity Center; field auditor since 1972
  307. Martin Gibson, Scn since 1997, Purif, Objectives; Book One, Assists, Intro processes auditor; 2 years on staff, dedicated to the preservation of standard tech
  308. John James (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1975, Clear/CCRD, FPRD, L's, Exec Status One, mini hats, Mission Holder/ED Houston Mission ('84-'90), DED of the Dallas Ideal Org (Nov - Dec '09) saw it was not LRH, proud to be in the Indie 500
  309. Jim Crowley (Houston, TX) Scn since 1967, Independent Scientologist since NOW!!  WOO!!WOO!! Clear# 12,002, HSDC Grad, Book 1 Auditor, Student Hat
  310. Mark Berkley, Scn since 1977, Grade IV, Class I, KTL/LOC, PTS/SP, NED Course and Internship, Pro Metering, Pro TRs, Upper Indoc TRs, now an Independent!
  311. Lori James (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1980, HES of the Houston Mission, BSM, Student Hat, Intro Scn Ethics, Pro TRs, Registrar hat, Invest Course, OEC Vol 0, E-Meter course
  312. Don James (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1971, HRD, HAS, HQS, Student Hat, TRs and Objectives, Method One, Pro TRs, KTL/LOC
  313. Lynn Gambone, NY Org 2006 to 2010, CCNY for part of 2010 to 2011
  314. Name removed by request, Scn since 1991, OT VIII, Class V, Field Auditor in Taiwan last 11 years, Sydney org auditor 8 yrs
  315. Bo Simonsson (Stockholm, Sweden), Scn since 1980, NED completion, Student Hat, KTL, LOC, ex-staff (3 yrs), disconnected from Corporate Scn in March 2011
  316. Diego Davila, Scn since 1998, Clear, Student Hat, mid Solo Course, Independent since 2009
  317. Maurizio Serafini, OTV, KTL, LOC, HPCSC, HPWCC, ex FSO Sup
  318. Anita Hsu (Taipei, Taiwan), Scn since 1997, Clear, Purif I/C trained, Translations Unit (TU) Chinese editor and translator
  319. Jean-François Genest (Kingston, ON Canada), HCO Cope Off Quebec, CMO Canada, Flag Bureaux (7 yrs), Clear, Purification Rundown, Sea Org Product 2, Petty Officer 1st Class
  320. Monique Berthoud, Scn since 1984, Clear, HQS, LOC, Student Hat, Pro TRs, Method 1 auditor, Ethics Specialist, Staff Status II, IAS Sponsor, former Ethics Officer and Independent Scientologist since Mar 13, 2012
  321. Richard Royce, Scn since 1969, Class 4 XDN Interned auditor, GAT Level 2, OT VII, Gold Seal Ethics Specialist, Data Evaluator, Kha kahn Certificate issued by Yvonne at CCLA, introduced to Scn by actress Karen Black, staff CCLA 5 yrs to 1974, SO in 1990 and 2004, Ethics Unit I/C for the Clearwater Charter Committee in 2002
  322. Don McClintock, Scn since 1979, Class IV Grad. Auditor (Sydney), mid OT VII, staff in Canberra & Sydney, left the CoS in January 2009 choosing to remain dedicated to standard tech and LRH
  323. Andy Porter, Scn since 1980, OT V, NED Interned auditor, Class II, OEC, PTS SP Course, Ethics Specialist, Elementary Data Series Evaluator, KTL/LOC, Interned Course Supervisor; Fully Hatted Registrar, PES, ED, Mission Holder; 14 yrs on Staff, 12.5 in Bellevue Mission (held every post except auditor and C/S), 1.5 yrs ED Seattle Org, Pioneer of the Year 1995, Elite FSM 1995/96, Power FSM 1996/97, Elite FSM 1998/99, Power FSM 1999/2000, Top Planetary Disseminator May 9th 2000
  324. Tom Gallagher, Scn since 1975, Clear, HQS, Student Hat, Method 1, Professional Product Debug Course, PTS/SP, Pro TRs, Exec Status 1, FSSO 1990-91
  325. Gerlinde Mantey, Scn since 1982, Clear, Class IV Auditor, ex-staff (KTL/LOC I/C)
  326. Roger Weller, Scn since 1967, New York org, supervisor Class VIII course, OT VIII
  327. Angela LeMay, Scn since 1988, staff Cincinnati, Clear, L11, HQS, Staff Status II, Student Hat, Pro TR's, Solo 1
  328. Scott Gordon (Duncanville, TX), Scn since 1993; Book One auditor; Volunteer Minister; Class 0 Auditor; PTS-SP Course (3x); OEC Vol 0 (2x); Exec Status 1; 5 yrs Div6 staff; 10 yrs OSA (5-CCDallas; 5-Msn Costa Rica) fully-hatted Class V Org DSA
  329. Gary Gammon, Class VI, New OT VII, L's, staff and field auditor
  330. Andrew McGowan, Scn since 1989, OT I, currently on OT II, Exec Status 1, OEC Vols 0 & VII, PTS/SP, FP Full HAT, Course Sup, Pro TRs delivery, full KTL/LOC training (sup, auditor & C/S), NED Auditor, Class IV C/S, staff 13 yrs (10 yrs as Executive Director of ACT org)
  331. Max Bleiweiss, Scn since 1973, OT V, L.A. Day staff 1973-76, SO NWCI 1980-85, HKTL Pilot I/C and Supervisor, HPCSC, Crusader: Portland and Paris
  332. Loren Spethman (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1994, staff 8 yrs (1994 to PT), Book One Auditor, HDF Dir, MCSC Pre-GAT, Flag Special Pro Course Supervisor '96, Dallas's only sup 3 yrs at 90-108 hrs/week; GAT II Trained '06-'08, Pro Sup Interned again, Sup Apprenticeship at Flag '07-'08, Student Hat (3x), Pro TRs (2x), Upper Indoc (2x), M1 Co-audit, Word Clearer Course, Flag Interned Class IV Auditor, DofT Dallas "Ideal" Org, IAS Honor Roll; happy and proud until 8 CMO, 6 MAAs, plus execs from ILO, CLO & FSO proved LRH Tech and Policy was a thing of the past in the confusion of "Ideal" Org strategy
  333. Thomas Schäfer (Germany), Class I Auditor, Ex-Staff Frankfurt Org
  334. Régis Martinez (France), Scn since 1991, Clear, Pro TRs, St Hat, PTS/SP course, staff status I & II, VM Course, Book One auditor, ex-staff
  335. William "Bill" T. Dupree, aka "FCDC class of 74", Scn since 1973, Comm Course, Basic Study Manual, Recall Release, Freedom Release, Problems Release, Ability Release, Communications Release, Relief Release, Introspection Rundown and Drug Rundown, Life Repair and Dianetic Case Completion, HDC, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  336. Marsha Friedman, Scn since 1969, Miami org staff 1970-1974, mid New OT VII, "Patron with Honors"
  337. Peggy Mitchell, Clear, L10, L11, L12, GAT Class IV, KTL/LOC, IAS Patron, Super Power Cornerstone, ex-SO
  338. Tom Houston (Dallas, Texas), power complete,  on solo 1,  L's complete in 2010, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  339. Marilyn Brewer (Phoenix, Az), Scn since 1971, Clear, OT III, L10, L11, L12, mid NOTs, OEC/DSEC, Cl II, SO Mgmt 11 yrs
  340. Brad Halsey, Scn since 1987, DC Fdn staff 1987-1997, Interned Word Clearer and Class IV
  341. Michael Cox, staff Seattle Mission 1979-80, Las Vegas Org 1981-86
  342. Mike Schrier, Scn since 1989, Class IV Auditor, KTL / LOC, Sea Org AOSH ANZO
  343. Halina Cirillo, Scn since 1971, New OT VIII, DSEC, KTL/LOC, Staff Status II, mid St Hill Special Briefing Course, ex staff Toronto 8 yrs, IAS “Patron with Honours"
  344. Zana Zeches, Scn since 1983, Clear, Pro TRs, PTS/SP, HQS, Mission Holder & Executive Director Rochester, NY mission 1983, SO Flag Crew 84-85, FCDC Day staff
  345. Brian Culkin, Scn since Jan 2009, Clear 3 L's, Class IV, Patron IAS
  346. Burkhard Ohligs, Div-6 Reg in Stuttgarter Msn under Andreas Ostertag, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  347. Dylan Gill, CMO CW, CMO IXU, CST
  348. Brian Wenger, Scn since 1981, Patron IAS, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  349. Margarete "Peggy" Wenger, Scn since 1975, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  350. Jackie Johnson, Scientologist since 1972, OTV. Many, many courses completed. Insouciant since day one and forever into the future. :)
  351. Dan Doss (Austin, Texas) Scn since 1975, on staff at Austin Org from 1975-1985, Flag trained OEC grad (1979), Super Lit, OT III, L 11
  352. Vasile Silaghi (Germany), Scn since 1991, Munich staff 2.5 years, Book One & Class IV Auditor, ARC SW completion, IAS Sponsor. "I choose to remain dedicated to Standard LRH Tech."
  353. Karola Andris, Scn since 1984, ex-SO (13 years Freewinds)
  354. Don Tompkins, Scn since 1995, KTL-LOC, ARC Straight Wire
  355. Roman Teabo, Scn since 1999 (since the age of 8), Purification Rundown, 2 years in the Sea Org at ALOA and at the Flag Land Base
  356. Simi Valley, Scn since 1978, New OT VII, Class II Auditor, KTL/LOC, Exec Status I, ex S.O.
  357. Pax Tielman, Scn since 1972, Amsterdam staff, full Ethics and Justice (HEJC) course in 1975 East Grinstead, SSI, SSII, Exec SS, Solo Course and many other courses, Scientology should be RESTORED, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  358. Ron Bible, Scn since 1975, Class VI, Solo NOTS Completion in Indy Field, life is good again!
  359. Nancy McPherson, Clear, L-Rundowns, Class IV auditor, Word Clearer, staff at Orange County, left the CoS in 1995
  360. Brian Cox, Scn since 1993, joined Elma FZ May 2012, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  361. Eric Alexandrou (Queensland, Australia) Scn since 1986, Melbourne staff, Objectives, basic courses, Life Time Member IAS
  362. Mark Patterson, Scn since 1969, OT IV, Class VI, LRH Tape Archives project 1977, Purchaser HEM 1984
  363. Cecilia (Cece) Marie Kruchko, OT IV, Treasury Secretary (Permantly Posted Status), Flag Banking Officer AOLA
  364. Ronn Stacy, Scn since 1980, 9 yrs staff in the 80's, Book 1 Auditor, Comm Course, various mini-courses for post, Stu Hat, M1, MCSC, Pro TRs, Class 0 Auditor, Hubbard Pro Reg, Intro to Scn Ethics x2, PTS/SP, Hubbard Ethics Specialist, Staff Status II, Exec Status I, all 21 checksheets of the Scientology (Volunteer Minister's) Handbook, completed several Miscavige "Basics," left in '09, no regrets since!
  365. Nina Lauffer Davila, born into Scn 1986, currently on NED, PTS/SP, Mid Solo Course
  366. Christine Baranay (McDonald, Gualtieri, Williams) (Buddhist & Scientologist), OT VIII, Class IV auditor, SO veteran (Public Reg, Dir Reg CCLA 1972-75, 1975-79 Flag Management, D/CS6 (Commodores Staff Div 6) for Expansion under Diana Hubbard, Dir Clearing FSO 1979-80
  367. Sharon Sigmond, Scn since 1981, Clear, HSDC, Ministers Course, KTL, LOC, M1, Pro TRs, GAT, part time Volunteer Minister after 9/11
  368. Chris Baer, Scn since 1972 (Stevens Creek Mission), Clear, 10 years in SO at CCLA (1976-1986), OEC/FEBC
  369. Jim Blunt, Scn scince 1972, OT III, Staff Status 1, HSDC, Full Hat Programs Admin, Programs Admin and Dianetic Auditor, friend of LRH, IAS Lifetime member
  370. Chad Braunersrither, Scn since 1985, Salt Lake City Mission Staff, SO Member, helped renovate the Freewinds, HGB and St. Hill (call sign was Ramrod)
  371. John Boswell, former Austin Fdn staff, OEC/FEBC grad, KTL/LOC, Ready for the Bridge!
  372. Woody Sampson, Scn since 1997 (Adelaide), objectives, ex-SO 5 years, worked in FSSO, FREEWINDS, FLB, FC (posted in the Lemon Tree and the Palms Cafe)
  373. Richard Lloyd-Roberts, Scn since 1997, Student Hat, TRs, Objectives (after 15 years in the church!), ex-Sea Org at AOLA
  374. Glenn C. Briggs, Scientologist since 1978, Levels I-IV, OT IV, 17 years on Int Staff (Dissem Sec INCOMM, Chaplain Gold)
  375. Dave Stroman, Scn since 1975, 5 years on staff, Clear, staff Greeley/Denver
  376. Douglas Cook, Scn since 1990, staff - 5 years, Book One Auditor, OEC Vol 0, Student Hat, Method One Co-Audit, KTL/LOC, Purif, TRs & Objectives Co-Audit, Scn DRD Co-Audit, PTS/SP Course, Clear in the FreeZone 2013!
  377. Catherine Zoltan, Scn since 1972, Clear No. 11,850, Integrity Processing, Dn Case Completion, Dianetics DRD, Expanded Grades, Clearing Course, Solo NOTS, L11 & 12; HQS, HPE&I, PTS-SP, Ethics Specialist, Causative Leadership, Pro TRs, Staff Status 2, Product Zero; 2 yrs volunteer, 6 yrs in SO
  378. Kirk Radandt, FEBC, Staff Status VII, Cl V staff with Columbus Org
  379. Gayle Smith, Scn since 1985, New OT V, Flag-trained Word Clearer, Course Supervisor, Cramming Officer and Class VI C/S, 18 years on staff, Snr C/S Philadelphia [Note: Philly is DM's home town, ouch — Thoughtful]
  380. Edie Irons (artist), Scn since 1972, Clear #26,321, HQS, Student Hat, PTS/SP, Solo Auditor; volunteer for CCHR, Criminon, Narconnon & VM during Katrina; ASI Patron; designed Celebrity Centre Int dining room in 1987
  381. Amy Scobee, WDC Celebrity Centre CMO Int., niece of Astronaut Dick Scobee, author of Scientology: Abuse at the Top
  382. Chris Mann, Pro TR's, Upper Indoc, Metering Course, 4 years on staff, resigned from the Church after Objectives and now Grade II (Tom Martiniano auditor), song writer for the Indie movement
  383. Brian Kelly, Scientologist for 36 years
  384. Janette Haugen, Scn since 1991, Purif, OT Hatting Courses, VM — was constantly in trouble since I'm a free thinker and bucked the corruption, I'm glad I did!
  385. Dani Lemberger (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1980, OT VII, Ethics Specialist, Class IV Auditor, Ed of Dror Center Since 1992
  386. Tami Lemberger (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1980, OT VII, Flag trained Grad V Auditor, Class V C/S, Senior C/S at Dror center since 1992
  387. Aviv Bershadsky (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists Since 2001, OT IV, Class V Auditor, FPRD Auditor, Class IV C/S, Staff at Dror Center for 10 years
  388. Dima Dubinin (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1994, Grade 4 Release, Class IV Auditor, Pro SUP, Purif C/S Staff at Dror Center for 17 years
  389. Carmela Weizman (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1996, Grade 3 Release, HDA Staff at Dror Center for 16 years
  390. Moti Weizman (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1999, Grade 3 Release, Pro Sup, Class I Auditor, 6 Years staff at Tel Aviv Org as an Academy Sup, Staff at Dror Center for 6 years
  391. Eitan Beitner (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 2001, Grade 0 Release, Pro Sup, Staff at Dror Center for 5 years
  392. Bill Henley, Scn since 1980 (Zen since Y2K), New OT VII, Class IV Auditor, left in 1997
  393. Cindy Plahuta, Scn since 1988, New OT VII, Executive Director Criminon WUS (Western United States)
  394. Matt Plahuta (Boulder), Scn since 1973, Clear, staff in Boulder Mission
  395. Niklas Lindgren, Scn since 1994, joined staff in 1998
  396. Maribel Coronado (Brighton, UK), Scn since 1993, Congresses, Ups and Downs, Pro TRs, Upper Indoc, Student Hat, Metering, Dianetics Auditor Course, E-Meter Course, currently on NED, staff 2 yrs AOSHEU
  397. Rob Burns, Scn since 1975, staff Honolulu Mission (Div 6), left after mission holders were slaughtered in ’82, went OT outside the CoS
  398. Pat Shannon, Scn since 1975, widow of IAS Patron Bill Shannon, KTL/LOC, PRD, OT8, HSDC, various admin & ethics courses
  399. Dean Detheridge (Sydney, Australia), Scn since 1984, Grade 2, all FPRD Forms, Truth Rundown, numerous confessionals, several PTS/SP Crses, HPCSC, OEC FEBC, Product Debug, Data Evauator, KTL/LOC Sup, Purif I/C, listened to nearly all the lectures released, staff in Sydney Fdn to 1990, Executive Director of ACT Org (Canberra) to 2000, 2003-07 'honorary' (non-SO) Gold Technician repairing 16mm Projectors, simulators and cassette decks in ANZO
  400. Phil Colson (Boulder), Scn since 1983, New OT8, Class  4 Auditor, KTL/LOC, Course Supe, staff at Boulder Mission (11 years) until 2011
  401. Ann Cannon (Dallas), Scn since 1992, Grade IV, Student Hat, staff 15 years: DSA (OSA) Dallas 3 years, Addresso I/C 10 years
  402. Allan Macdonald, Scn since 1983, Grade IV, Stu Hat, HQS, KTL/LOC, 13 yrs Sea Org at Flag (1986-1999)
  403. Elbert Chang, Scn since 1989, Grade IV Release, KTL, LOC, PTS Rundown, FPRD, Case Resolution Rundowns (Flag), Student Hat, Method One
  404. Phil Gilbert, Scn since 1974, Clear, HSDC, twice in the SO, pro FSM since 1992
  405. Steve Stuart, Scn since 1989, Book One Co-audit, Purif, Objectives Co-Audit, Life Repair, KTL, LOC, Method One, Student Hat, Pro TRs, PTS /SP, Staff Status I & II, OEC Vols 0 & 1, staff at Portland CC, Scn Drug Rundown
  406. Wolfgang Keller (Los Angeles), Scn since 1969, New OT VII, Permanent Class VIII, GAT interned Class VI, full time auditor since 1989, field practice
  407. Harold Ruder, Scn since 1979, Power Plus Release, on the Solo Course
  408. Jeff Pietsch, Scn since 1991, Grade IV, D of T & Course Supervisor Santa Barbara Org 1993-1996
  409. Louise Bruemmer, Scn since 1978, mid NED, Grade IV, L11, L12
  410. Steve Spargo, Scn since 1977, Cl V Grad, OT V, 9 yrs on staff/Sea Org
  411. Ariel Spargo, Scn since 1992, Class V, NED, 2 yrs on staff/Sea Org
  412. John R. Beckner, Scn since 1966, Class IV, OT VIII
  413. Khoi Nguyen, Scn since 2,000, Method One, TRs and Objectives, 1 year on staff (Perth and AOSH ANZO)
  414. Tsipi Andersen (Israel) Scn since 1979, OT 5
  415. Guillermo Colin, Scn since 1982, staff member and Sea Org at Flag from 1989 to 2008
  416. Bryan Parker, Flag-trained Class III Auditor, attested Clear in the Indie field on July 4, 2012; now on Solo
  417. Forrest Crane, Scn since 1970, Class VIII, OT IV, Patron IAS
  418. Susan Crane, Scn since 1987, Class IV (pre-GAT), OT V, Patron IAS, staff 15 years
  419. Gary S. Moore, Scn since 1974, Ordained Minister, Mission staff - 3 yrs, SO Flag Bureau - 2 yrs, Interned Class VI, Religious Freedom Crusades at Portland, Berlin, Frankfort and Paris, Patron with Honors, Looked, didn't listen: 2008
  420. Slade Grove, Scn since 2009, TRs & Objectives, Book One Pro Auditor, PES Phoenix Org, 1 yr staff, Significant Donation to the Phoenix Ideal Org project but name removed from contributions plaque after I sued and won for reimbursement of approved Purchase Orders I personally funded
  421. Jean-Paul Pelletier, Scn since 1979, 14 yrs staff in Tech Div of CC Paris, OT4, Class V Grad, CCRD Auditor, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  422. Luigi Cosivi, Scn since 1982, Class V, New OT VIII, Indie since 09/2011, staff 4 yrs
  423. Kerrie L. DallaCosta, Scientologist since 1977
  424. Carey DallaCosta, Scientologist since 1971
  425. Alain Tizioli (France), Scn since 1980, New OT VII, Class II, 18 yrs staff: 3 yrs Mission of Nice, 15 yrs OSA: DSA CC Paris & DSA OSA France; IAS Patron
  426. Claude Tizioli (France), Scn since 1980, New OT V, Class IV, 12 yrs staff: 1 yr Mission of Nice, 11 yrs OSA: DSA CC Paris & OSA France, IAS Patron
  427. Aline Pelletier ( France), Scn since 1980, 20 yrs staff CC Paris, fully hatted Course Sup, Pro Sup Course, Class V Graduate C/S, FPRD CS, CCRD Auditor, Fully hatted SENIOR C/S, New OT IV, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  428. Philippe Lorotte (France), Scn since 1974, New OTV, Class V, E-Meter repair in Europe before Gold, IAS Sponsor
  429. Florence S. Lorotte (France), Scn since 1989, Clear, Class III, IAS Sponsor
  430. Michael Walimaa (Nashville), Scn since 1975, Purification Rundown (3 times, yet never done drugs), 350 hours on Objectives, staff 9 months, IAS Patron
  431. Wendy Munro (Johannesburg, South Af) Scn since early 1990’s, Clear, Comm Course, Student Hat, Method 1, Objectives, OT Preps (interrupted), IAS Patron, Ideal Org Humanitarian, PDU Vanguard
  432. Mike Cushing, Scn since 1984, Class V auditor, KTL/LOC, Data Evaluator, Solo course, 1.5 yrs staff, R6EW, 3 Ls, FPRD, Patron, Applied Scholastic Donor, Russian Mission Donor
  433. Brenda G. Johnson Hubert Spencer (Dallas), Scn since 1976, Clear, Elig, Solo I & II, Fully Hatted LRHComm, OES, Dir Review, KTL/LOC, Sup, WC, Ethics Specialist, PTS SP Crse, Levels, Purif CS, Exec Status I, 10 yrs staff, 100% pro LRH, 100% anti-DM
  434. Jill Rappaport, Scn since 1980, Clear, Class IV Auditor, Lifetime Founding IAS member
  435. Mark Shreffler, Scn since 1975, New OT V, NED, PTS/SP, Stu Hat (5X), LRH Pass on TRs in 1979 (twinned with Dan Koon), Staff Status II, Exec Status 1, 12 yrs staff (London, Cincinnati, San Francisco), Power FSM 15 yrs, 10,000 people started on the bridge, 500,000 people through workshops and seminars worldwide
  436. Steven Poore, Scn since 1977, OT Ambassador 17 yrs, Power FSM and Front Lines Disseminator for WISE 29 yrs
  437. Jane Shreffler, Scn since 2001, Student Hat, HQS, Ethics Spec., PTS/SP, Flag Pro TRs, Flag Metering, 3 L's, mid OT VII
  438. Marianne Nicaud (France), Scn since 1982, Solo II, Class V Auditor
  439. Zoltan Kovesdy (Germany), Scientologist since 1977, OT IV, Class I, IAS Patron
  440. Alain Max L'Hommelet (France), Scn since 1982, Clear, OT Preps, Class 0 Auditor, Chaplain CCParis 1987 - '89, Professional Scientologist
  441. Roger Martin, Senior C/S CC Paris in the 1980s
  442. Mark Johnston (Nova Scotia, Canada), Scn since 2006, in six yrs studied ALL LRH books, Congresses, ACCs, plus Comm Course, Hubbard Dianetics Seminar, Basic Study Manual
  443. Cooper J. Kessel (SFO), Scn since 1975, OT VIII, Class VI Auditor, mission staff 2 yrs, CCHR ($1,000's), ASI ($1,000's), Cornerstone Member, Planetary Dissemination ($50K+ donos), Ideal Org ($70K donos), IAS Patron Meritorious
  444. Peter Berts, Scn since 1975, New OT IV, Translations Unit staff (Pubs DK & CLO EU) 1976 - 1982 (French I/C & Translations Sec), translated thousands of pages of HCOBs, HCO PLs, LRH lectures, books (including DMSMH, FOT, SA, etc), Final Blackout, Mission Earth, Patron with Honors
  445. Udo Luetgenbruch (Düsseldorf), Scn since 1988, OT 5, Class 0 Auditor, IAS Patron
  446. Robert Pike, Clear, OT I; Sea Org staff ASHO day 1972-1975
  447. Pierre Robillard (Montreal, Toronto), Scn since 1968, OT III, Grad IV, NED; staff 1969-1993; staff Montreal (Executive Director, OES, C/S, AG); staff Toronto (from CF clerk to A/AG — too many posts to list!) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  448. Heather Robillard (London, Montreal, Toronto), OT III, Scn since 1963 (in London England); plenty of Admin training including Executive Director Full Hat + Internship, Data Series at Flag 1976-77; staff in Toronto 1972-74 (Letter Reg); staff Montreal 74-82 (Dissem Sec, Reg & Executive Director) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  449. Jim Wolery, Scn since 1970, CL VI Auditor, XDN C/S, OT V (Flag NOT's completion under Mayo), DSEC, Management Series; staff 11 yrs: Mission Holder in Toledo, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, & Southfield (MI) 1978-1981
  450. t.o.n.y.  p.e.l.l.i.c.c.i. Scn since 1994, Clear, OT III, KTL/LOC, staff 2 years in OSA, Crusader in the IAS
  451. Silvia Lloréns, Scn since 1978, Sea Org at Flag in 1984 to 2007, Pro W/Cer, Pro Supervisor, Debug and Data Series Tech, Cramming Officer, Grad V, AO Review Auditor and Class IX
  452. Sheila Lanier, Scn since 1977
  453. Jim Gilberti, Scn since 1985, Clear, Class 5 Grad auditor, Purif C/S, 15 yrs staff, lead auditor Long Island Org 1988 to 1999 witih 10K hours under my belt, and 13 Clears
  454. Bruce Goldman, Scn since 1988, OT VIII, 3Ls, CL IV, Data Series, Ethics Spec, IAS Patron Meritorious, Ideal Org Silver Humanitarian, Planetary Dissem. Read Debbie Cook's email early Feb 2012, confirmed my own thoughts and disagreements, and left end of Feb 2012.
  455. Andrea Albrecht (Germany), Scn since 1983, Clear, 20 years on staff, now translating for German blogs
  456. Erin "Faith" Rose, Clear #48,504 Celebrity Center Int., CCRD ASHO LA 2009,  L11, L10, L12 - repaired in the Free Zone
  457. Nick Lister
  458. Carol Nyburg (North Calif), Scn since 1978, 26 yrs in SO (starting in 1982), ran Front Desk at Fort Harrison, Accommos Counselor at FH and Sandcastle 12 years
  459. Christine Barclay, Scn since 1978, staff 2 years in Rochester, NY 1978-1980, was on New OT VII (twice)
  460. Anette Iren Johansen (Norway), Scn since 2002, Clear, OT Preps, Basics/Congresses, Dianetics Auditor, Student Hat, Method One, TRs, PTS/SP Course, OT Doctorate Course, IAS Patron, Ideal Org Benefactor, Super Power donator, Executive Director Criminon Denmark, WISE Charter Committee Chairwoman Copenhagen, Member of the Board Narconon Denmark, OSA Europe Volunteer, Volunteer Minister, CCHR Volunteer, Youth for Human Rights Volunteer, LRH Honorary PR Officer, Anatomy of the Human Mind Lecturer, Dissemination Specialist, Drug Education Lecturer, Licensed Narconon Field Group, Licensed Applied Scholastic Field Group
  461. Emeka Amanze (Nigeria, West Africa), Scn since 2002, Comm Course, Tech of Study, The Cause of Suppression, Integrity and Honesty, Logos Mission staff 3 yrs (2004-2006)
  462. Detlef Ruchatz, Scientologist since 1991. Sea Org from 1992 to 2012. German translator in Mgmt TU FLO/ILO/CLO EU. Resigned from the CoS in 2013.
  463. Al Brown, Scn since 1972, St. Louis org Dir I&R 'til 1975; Los Angeles area public since 1975; Wise Sector 1986-1990; LA Day Exec Esto 1992-'93; OT III, OEC/FEBC, Exec Status III, Lifetime IAS. I left the church in 2009. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  464. Kathy (Reed) Orem, Scn since 1968, OT III at AOLA, Academy Levels and HSDC at LA Org, Briefing Course and X Dn (at ASHO), Ordained Minister, audited staff and public at Portland Org, St. Louis Org, and ASHO. Audited staff at GO US
  465. Marc Bernier, Scn since 1982, ex-SO, KTL/LOC, CCRD, left in 1996
  466. Shawn Nagano, Scn since 1992, Clear, Flag-trained Class IV, 3 years Seattle Org staff, 2 years Pasadena Ideal Org staff, my blog
  467. Paul M. Foster, aka "scatjappers," Scn since 1976, Clear, OEC Vol 5; staff at Austin Fdn, WISE Int, WISE LA; blog, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  468. Nancy Foster, Scn since 1985, Clear, OEC/FEBC/Exec Status III, ex Org Staff, blog
  469. Sheldon Goldberg, Scn since 1973, New OT8, Grad V Auditor, last on staff in 2006 & 2007 as HGC auditor at Tampa FDN — my wife and I were declared for refusing to disconnect from our son.
  470. Gwyneth Wesley Rolph, Scn since 1993, attained Clear in Independent field, HPCSC, HPWCC, HDA, Purif  I/C, OEC 0 & 4, 8 yrs on staff, continuing training and planning get delivery going in UK
  471. Anthony Ardillo, Scn since 2012, studying and applying LRH's teachings to improve conditions
  472. Graham Billington, Scn since, 1989, Clear, L11, L12, L10, PTS/SP Course, Student Hat, KTL/LOC, Basics
  473. Cindy Temps (LA, CA), Scn since 1980, OT VII, Permanent Cl IV, NED, Senior Sec Checker, FPRD Auditor, mid the SHSBC, PTS/SP Course x2, much more; Patron of IAS
  474. Julia Nickson, Scn since 1994, PTSP, KTL/LOC, Grade 1, Top Book One Auditor CCI in 2005, left in 2010 and am now continuing up the Bridge independently.
  475. Sara Goldberg, Scn since 1977, OTVIII and L 11, Interned HSDC Auditor; Class 0; Senior Sec Checker and FPRD course; Flag Pro TRs course and Upper Indoc Course; Flag-only Metering; Book 1 Auditor; Data Series Evaluator Course; Esto (Establishment Officer) Full Hat; Public Exec Sec Full Hat; Marketing Hat; Action Chief Mini Hat; Full Basics Line up; PR Hat; Finance Hat; Qual Sec Mini Hat; OEC Vol 0; Hubbard Personal Ethics & Integrity Course; all Basic Books and Lectures; all Congress lectures. Approximately 2.5 years on staff (Guardian’s Office and ABLE). Key executive on the Flag OT Ambassadors and Flag OT Committee for over 6 years. Volunteered at orgs throughout years in Scientology. Declared in July 2013 because I refused to disconnect from my son who was declared.
  476. Mary McCarran Kahn, Scn since 1974, Permanent Class VI Auditor, HSSC and Dn Auditor, FPRD, Ethics Specialist OT VIII
  477. Ronit Charny, Scn since 1985. OTVII, SHSBC, Class IX Auditor, Sea Org at Flag 2000 to 2009
  478. Yossi Charny, Scn since 1980, OTVII, Power FSM for Flag, Data Series Evaluator, Ethics Specialist, Auditor Training, Sea Org staff 2003 to 2007 at Flag AO as Solo NOT's D of P
  479. Fred Gene Haseney aka Jeff Wells, Scn since 1977; Purif; Level 0; ASHO staff 1977-1981, performed audits for ASHO, AOLA, Narconon Int; Narconon US; Applied Scholastics LA; Majestic Cruise Lines, FSSO
  480. Jenni Silberstein, formerly Janet Stein, Scn since 1969, OT IV, Upper Indoc TRs, staff 1 yr at NY in 1970, SO at ASHO '79–'80, left the CoS April 2014, Ideal Org Alumni
  481. Attila Sonkoly, 15 yrs in Scientology, 11 yrs in FSO as Lead Course Supervisor, Clear
  482. Alice Jena, Scn since 1977, Clear, Grade 0 Auditor, Word Clearer, declared in 2005 for wanting her (now "ex") husband to spend more time at home instead of spending every minute at the Long Island org
  483. Elli Fordyce, Scn since 1966. OT III Expanded (old school), staff at Miami Org 1967-68, also helped bring Scientology to Puerto Rico in Gladys Gorbea's mission in 1968, staff at Celebrity Centre LA 1969-70, left the CoS during the big schism in 1980
  484. Alex de Valera, Scn since 1978; Grades, NED; Comm course, BSM, Student Hat, Purif, PRO TRs, E-Meter Course, HSDC (Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course), Mini Data Series Evaluator Course, Upper Indoctrination TRs, Staff Status 0 and I; OSA staff in Paris Org ‘02 to ‘12 as a researcher in Legal, translating in 5 languages, and handling select PR cycles. Left the CoS after getting 15 calls a day from all over Europe and even the Freewinds to assist/give money in exchange for nothing
  485. Per Schiøttez (Denmark), Scn since 1965, Class IX Auditor & C/S; Full OEC, FEBC, First-Class Sea Org Missionaire, Awarded Kha Khan by Ron for work as NOTs Lead Auditor at AOSH EU & AF, appointed Port Captain Apollo by LRH (but never arrived); left the CoS in 1982 and have been field auditing ever since. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it website
  486. Ludovic Durand (France), Scn since 1987, Clear in 1992 in CC Paris (both my auditor and C/S are now Indies!); PTS/SP Course, Interned Class V Graduate Auditor, Hubbard Senior Security Checker, several full hats, OEC 0, Finance Course, Data Series Evaluator Course (DSEC); 20 years on staff including admin posts in Divs 6, 7 and 4, Pro Word Clearer, Cramming Officer, Staff Staff Auditor (performed special sec checks for legal matters under OSA). Left staff in 2008 and back on the Bridge in the Indie field.
  487. Michael Mallen, Scn since 1984, OT V, Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor, Class VIII Auditor, Sea Org 12 years
  488. David Cooke, HSDC, OTV, active 1972-88, spectator 1960-present
  489. Joe Luca, Scn since 1972, New OT V, L11, L12; Gold Seal Data Series Evaluator; Primary Rundown (Super Lit); Staff Status I, II and III; OEC Vols 0, 1, 3; Finance and FBO Full Hat, Dir I&R Full Hat, Missionaire Full Hat, Debug Hat, PTS-SP Course (twice); on staff 10 years in Guardian’s Office, senior exec at GO WW. Worked closely with all DGs, Guardian, MSH. Worked hard for 37 years to keep the dream together, but all the training and all my skills couldn’t put the pieces back together again, once they fell apart.
  490. Dave Richards, Scn since 1970. HAS course, Stu Hat, Hard TRs, PTS SP Course, Purif (2x), Staff Status 1 & 2, Exec Esto Course Grad, OEC Vol 0 & 1, W/Cer, OT IV L-11, Ex-Dn Completion, CO FCDC 72-75, 1st Flag World Tour, Div 6 Sec/PES FSO late 70s, early 80s. Declared 1982 for calling Finance Police a "Suppressive Group" publicly. LRH Kha Khan (1974). Restored to good standing 1993, declared again sometime lately :-)
  491. Sydney Osborne, Scn since 1989,Scn DRD; Interned HPCSC (both pre- and post-GAT); Director of Training Denver org '90-'02; built largest co-audit & Academy in WUS; staff & OES at Mace Kingsley in CW '04-'08; left CoS in '10, declared in '13, my story.
  492. Danièle Jossi, Scn since 1982, New OT VII, Class IV Auditor, staff at Lausanne Org (Switzerland), SO member at Flag, ISA Patron, escaped in 2011
  493. Alfred Calver, Scn since 1977, Clear, OT 4 (original), HSDC, Minister, Collided with management by the mid 80's
  494. Angie Wilson, Scn since 1971 (FCDC); Objectives, Grades, NED, CCRD (twice), Power, Power Plus, OT Setups; HAS, HQS, HSDC, BSM, Minister's Course, Student Hat, Pro TRs, Clay Table), Method One
  495. Rob Phillips, Clear, Flag-Trained Word Clearer, Staff in LA Org 2 1/2 years
  496. Kurt Wilson, Scn since early 1970s. Clear, OT 8. Delivered over 4,000 hours of Dianetics. Joined Sea Org (Celebrity Center LA); after 1 year, got sick, almost died, had an epiphany: THIS PLACE WILL KILL ME!  All symptoms vanished within the hour and I left staff. Stopped wasting my time and money with the CO$ in 2012.
  497. More to come...
Last Updated on Monday, 27 March 2017 12:54


+2 # BC Boy 2010-02-22 20:21
This is great.
How about adding another list where all the posters that can list their real names yet.
This would give us all a better idea how many people are actually on these blogs.
+3 # BC Boy 2010-02-23 09:31
Meant to say for those that can't list their real names yet.
+1 # Pat Krenik 2010-07-17 19:38
Looks like real names to me. Mine is real:-)

There are more coming all the time. No one blog has tons of names.

Think this is a great idea that we have people willing to come out and say who they are.
# Roberto Sánchez Núñez 2010-02-22 22:15
Great idea Steve!
+1 # Boyd H 2010-02-22 23:14
"Indie 500" is genius. There's probably only 3 degrees of separation in Scientology, when it gets to 500 the communication to those in the church will be overwhelming. It'll grow exponentially as it gets bigger.
# RJ 2010-02-23 04:41
To all of you that have come out so far I applaud you all.
+1 # BC Boy 2010-02-23 09:40
And how about a list of people that are cut off from their family by the 'non existant' disconnection policies.

You could add Tammy Wikoff to that list.
+7 # Flourish 2010-02-25 14:18
For one reason or another those of us who cannot come out in the open at this time due to family connections and/or business connections that need to be worked out but should be acknowledged somehow.

For our family we are not contributing financially to the church in any way whatsoever nor are we doing any service and nor will we due the the suppression inherent in the current establishment. The fact that we and many, many, many others aren't contributing should be a whole separate list that DM and his OSA bots can view to see how large it really is and would deliver an effective blow to their mentality that this "minority" is actually a majority. I personally even stopped FSMing. There should be another list where we can put our anonymous names such as Flourish, etc.

Being the writer you are maybe you can think of a name to the list and list the qualifications to be on the list as those Scientologists who have completely stopped contributing to the CofM but for one reason or another cannot come out in the open and when you are ready you can be moved from this list to the Indie 500 list. Only one entry per person. I think you would be surprised as to how large that list is.

+4 # Nicki 2010-03-01 14:55
One day soon I will be on this list. I "drifted" away a few years ago. Due to some personal reasons, I must remain under the radar, but I thank all of you who are signing this list. And thanks to my friends who know me and respect my anonymity.
I no longer support the CofS and will not spend another dime for a service.

+7 # Aida Thomas 2010-03-03 10:52
It should be called Indy 1,000 because there are more independents than that.

When I left in 1996 we didn't know what to call ourselves and we came up with many names which we could not use because the word Scientology was 'copyrighted'until somebody came up with 'Freezone', not that I liked it but we could not do much.

Since we can now use the word Scientology I love the term Independent Scientologists.

So I guess I have been an Independent Scientologist for 14 years now. Viva la Independencia!

Aida Thomas
Independent Spanish Classs VIII Auditor
-1 # Caspar de Rijk 2010-03-07 03:26
Hi Steve,

you may add my name to the list as Indie using Scientology regularly, I am out since 1997 and have already declared so publicly a long time ago.

# roger weller 2012-04-26 07:16
put me on the list in , first joined in 1967,n.y. org ot8
# Pax Tielman 2012-06-11 01:25
Hi Caspar,
I hope you remember the time in Amsterdam.
+6 # Ceileen 2010-03-30 20:50


1. I have informed myself, without bias or prejudice or rumor, concerning the actual intentions and activities of David Miscavige. I found his intentions and activities to have resulted in great destruction and harm to the Church of Scientology, its staffs and parishioners, and to the legacy of tech left by LRH.

2. I have examined the statistics of David Miscavige as Chairman of the Board and found that there are thousands of individuals directly and indirectly personally harmed by his actions of corrupting the Tech. There are millions of beings on Earth who have had the benefits of LRH Tech withheld from them as a result of DM’s actions. The repute of LRH, his legacy of tech and that of the C of S have been greatly harmed by his actions. Hundreds of former org staff and SO Members have been driven off by his direct and indirect actions. All the top leadership in the C of S has been undermined and perverted, they have been completely removed from the sight of Scientologists internationally, some have been physically and mentally harmed personally by dm and his minions.
The sane and workable ethics tech of LRH has been twisted and misused by dm and his minions to the detriment of individuals and their dynamics. The C of S internationally has been virtually closed down with orgs empty, staff leaving or being kicked out and parishioners unjustly prevented from receiving the benefits of LRH Tech or given altered versions of LRH Tech. He has diverted the LRH Purpose of Orgs to his personal purpose of making money, by almost any means, withheld funds that would have been used for good purposes, forced in actions on the staff and parishioners to buy huge and expensive real estate that lies empty and unused, causes staff to be grossly underpaid and ruined the financial repute of orgs through massive bills that cannot be paid and left the majority of parishioners in such bad financial shape that they cannot afford to do their Bridge. He promised, but cannot deliver on, further OT Levels as a ruse to forward his personal agenda and has attempted to set himself up as equal to LRH and set his own policy and tech in the place of that of LRH. All this has resulted in across the boards downtrending org stats internationally, which he lies about at international events. One needs to only look to see the lies.

3. I have decided, based on the above, that David Miscavige and all of his adherents should be removed from any and all positions of management, made to be legally responsible for all laws broken (I.e. misuse of funds, abuse, human rights violations, etc), given a chance to redeem themselves or leave the church completely, as they choose.

4. Me and my group are those who are loyal to LRH, work honestly and sincerely to keep his Tech pure and applied correctly and to do everything possible to make and keep the door wide open for people to avail themselves of LRH’s Tech. We do not want or demand beautiful, wasteful premises, but would follow LRH Financial Policies to build good, strong, viable and productive orgs with happy staff and public that are true Islands of Sanity in a troubled world.

5. My stats as a Scn and staff member were thousands of public contacted, helped and moved onto service lines; a disaster averted that would have caused great harm to orgs and public in Italy, created the first on-policy Dept 5 FSO, corrected injustices that resulted in staff and public moving and winning again, correct application of study and ethics tech to juniors that got them winning and productive. My actions, added to the actions of my group, leads to thriving and productive orgs and staffs, delivering standard LRH Technology, which results in good repute for LRH and C of S.

6. I am remaining in the group of Scientologists who are loyal to LRH, who learn and use his Tech correctly, use their positions for the betterment of the group and mankind, not personal gain and who will do everything possible to remove anyone who actively works against LRH and this group. I do not and will not have anything to do with David Miscavige or any of his personal sycophants and remove my support from any person or part of the C of S that allows him to have any control or power over the Technology of LRH, Scientologists, Sea Org Members or churches of Scientology.

7. I am suffering up the conditions in the group of those Scientologists and friends who are actively working to shine the light of honesty and truth upon the true motives and products of dm, for the end product of getting him tried and prosecuted for crimes against humanity and violating the laws of the land by fraudulently taking the donations of parishioners for his own benefit. We do this despite being shunned by family and other Scientologists.

In this way I am announcing that I am an Independent Scientologist removing my support in full from anything connected to David Miscavige and his minions. Nothing in this can be construed to mean that I have any disagreements with LRH, any true LRH Technology be it Ethics, Tech or Admin. I am a true friend of LRH, not a friend of dm who has been pretending to be a leader in Scientology when in fact he is a Suppressive Person intent upon destroying Scientology and perverting the writings of LRH. He and his minions do not deserve my support and so I withdraw it by this announcement.

Eileen Clark: 32 yr Scientologist, 25 yr S.O. Veteran, Friend of LRH
# Pax Tielman 2012-06-11 01:29
Thanks Eileen. Indeed things need to be restored. It is the enemy within we should recognize and willing to declare so.
Much respect
Pax Tielman Netherlands/Sweden
# Theo Sismanides 2010-04-01 06:38
Thank you Eileen, for standing up and doing a standard doubt formula. That this life time in such a young body you have already put 25 years in the S.O. says a lot. I would like to know more about your past and your family who probably are/were in the S.O.

Congradulations! I am happy you are with us!!!
# Eileen 2010-04-04 16:40
You are such a kind being. This body is not so young...it is 61 yrs old. It was young when I started...lol!
# David LaCroix 2010-04-04 15:36
You can add my name to the list.
David LaCroix, OT 4, Professional FSM
# Tara 2010-04-12 14:19
I decided my hiatus is over and I'm part of the Independent realm now and must get back to auditing people!
Hope y'all will have me! :-)
# Ceileen 2010-04-12 18:31
Good for you. Of course we will have you!
Thank you. We grow stronger every day from the input of theta and willingness to fight back.
Take those pc's in session!
Lots of love,
# Ceileen 2010-04-12 18:34
Please contact me:

Eileen Haworth Clark
# Sergio Mora 2010-04-15 21:50
Hi Eileen! Good to have news from you. Are you on facebook? I'll fire out an email to you tonight. L, Sergio
# Guest 2010-04-25 22:09
Sergio, I believe I may have audited you briefly while I was on the Class VIII program at Flag in the mid 90's. I'm Ron, from Puerto Rico. I you are who I think you are, you're a big coffee conosieur, right? Either way, VWD on adding your name to the list!
# Sergio Mora 2010-04-28 17:34
Ron, It was probably someone else. I was the Snr Chaplain at Flag at that time. If I see your picture, I'll recognize you. I knew most everyone on that program. Maybe Flag Crew? Thank you for the ack! Sergio
+1 # Aida Thomas 2010-04-27 06:35
Hola Sergio:
Si eres el mismo Sergio de Mazatlan Sinaloa, contactame, si no tambien!:-)
Aida Thomas
+1 # Sergio Mora 2010-04-28 17:36
Hola Aida, Soy Sergio de Chile. El gusto es mio! Sergio
+1 # Guest 2010-05-08 09:04
Doubt announcement (kind off)
I'm leaving the group of Sheeple (inside the Church and otherwise).I am realizing that without integrity my freedom can be taken away from me and every one else.I'm realizing that being PTS to a government or a management will stop me from getting stronger.And i am signing this list because enforced "disconnection" is plain WRONG..
I'm not "leaving the Church or Scientology.only the group of Sheeple that don't stand up when IT IS NEEDED..
# Tony DePhillips 2010-06-06 19:54
Hi Steve,

My wife and I came out as Independents on Marty's site. Can you add our names to the list?

Tony DePhillips
Marie-Joe DePhillips

+3 # Lady Lancelot 2010-06-21 00:06
Imagine this. Imagine on-line Scientologists just saying "No" to Disconnection. Imagine on-line Scientologists just saying "NO" to all the threats: the threats of Declares, the threats of no more Bridge, the threat of lost eternity. The Church has no REAL power. Their power only comes from being able to enturbulate you.
+1 # David LaCroix 2010-06-21 13:49
Would you please put this link next to my name as my website?
Thank you!
# Richard Frazer 2010-07-05 14:51
I have been out the church over five years now and simply got on with making a success of my life; but I can't stand by when reading such appalling and malicious lies that have been written about my friends whom I can vouch for as truly honourable people. Looking back I know I suffered a lot of mental anguish during my short time with the church but learnt a lot. I am still not comfortable to air all that happened on a public forum but the bits of LRH tech which stick with me have served me very well and I have made a good success of myself.
I just want to say thank you publically to the James family for the good times when I knew you all in the UK and good luck. I'm shocked about the lies that are being conjured up about you and the blackening of your good names.
A truly capable and successful family. I am even more amazed at your strength after stumbling on the level of duress you are under by these nasty church slander sites I find!!
I added comments on their forum as I could not let them stand and the next day I find they have been totally censored (scared of a free thought it seems). Not a single bad word, or hateful remark was used, just a simple call for calm and communication following the principles of the ARC triangle and a comment on how over-blown their accusations were from such small subject matter they called evidence (myspace comments - bet they will stand in court!!!)
Please can I request that you add my name to the growing list.
P.S - please do not delete my comments like the other bunch do :P
# Thoughtful 2010-07-06 13:35
Hi Richard, Please also send me the year you started in Scientology, your training and processing levels, the number of years on staff and any other key info. It's good to demonstrate that we are among Scientology's most dedicated, experienced, ethical, knowledgeable, highly trained and highly audited veteran Scientologists. And the world can start to differentiate between real LRH Scientology and the despicable abuse, corruption and insanity they so despise.
+1 # Independent Scientologist 2010-07-30 14:53
I cannot yet make it public that I am out of the church. But hopefully that will change soon.

It would be nice, in the meantine. to be listed as an Indie as "Independent Scientologist."

To me, ANYTHING that we can do to show the size of the Indie field is worthwhile.
# EMAN - FRANCE 2010-09-01 08:01
You can add my name !!! I am working on writing my story and disconnection letter but not complete yet.
E'MAN, Dissem Sec ASHOD, Supercargo ASHOD - living in France. Kicked out in 2007.
# Marc Bernier 2013-08-14 07:22
Monsieur Jamin? Es-ce vous? Moi j'etais a
ASHO Day en '96 j'y etais en tant que FR tu te souviens? Ecris-moi quelques mots frangin!
+2 # Thomas Michael 2010-11-15 13:52
Sergio Mora,
Please send me a comm. You worked with me in 1995 at FSO. I have a question, but my name is not out yet so I can only put an alias here.
Magic Man
+1 # Sergio M Mora 2011-07-09 00:31
I worked with you in 1995 at FSO and you have a question. But I don't have your name. Let me know back. Sergio
+1 # athena8 2010-11-20 08:10
Don't forget me.

Michelle Matlock
Class VIII
Scientologist since 1963
# Erwin Croughs 2010-12-27 08:11
Don't forget me.

Erwin Croughs
CLass IV Decleared
Ethics Specialist
Scientologist since 1985
+2 # Rita Wagner 2011-01-07 12:25
Hi Steve, pls put my name on the list! My story is in "Der Treffpunkt" in german to read. Thanks
+2 # Peter Smith 2011-02-10 04:49
Please add me to the list.
Peter Smith of Sydney Australia, Class V ,OT V, Scientologist 25 years, Staff 10 years, IAS lifetime member. Refunded from Flag over out- tech etc.
+2 # Elizabeth Hamre 2011-02-12 20:03
I noted my name on the list, somebody written it up. Which is totally fine Proud to be on the list, to be known that i use the Technology with great results. I write in Silvia Kusada`s blog. My articles 1th, was in last August ``Walk the walk of solo auditor.`` That article had over 900 hits. I write on her Blog of my wins , cognations, realities and of communication with other beings, the adventures one can have when no loger connected to the MEST Universe. Writing, to be come known by the name is not the reason for me, to blow my horn but to inspire otheres to SOLO. By useing Ron`s Tech how ones universe can be changed not just a little bit but one can have and one can attain all and beyand ones wildes imegination. All what was promised, written at the top of the Great Chart, the so called Bridge, all can be attained. And I have. The state of OT, the state the Intengible the Infinite. The state which can not be numbered as at the beginning when one starts out, but the very meaning of the word as Ron talks of it in his Lectures. OT= static. The Intengible, the Infinite. I have soloed many thousands of hours since I left the Church in 83. Rons tech worked, still do since I solo audit daily. My case the so called case long gone so I solo, audit othere who come from different realities for help and to learn. I audit the Unuiverse , any consideration, there is I look at it and confront it. There is no energy in my own space. Because the confrontation the as-is ing the Universe around me, mine and others, the so called dreams, which were way back when, the wild-est what one could imagine have become reality. Not just simple things like walking through walls, levitate etc.. More, much more. The magic which I thought was just magic something un attainable have become the reality the everyday creation. The Tech works, all one need is to take time out of the MEST Universe and get audited or Solo. Elizabeth Hamre OT, Solo auditor.
+1 # Dennis 2011-06-11 21:04
Hey Steve,

I like the new Indy 500 logo ... looks great!
+1 # stevespits 2011-08-12 19:24
I never joined the cult, but does that mean I can't quit it anyway?
+3 # Lady Lancelot 2011-08-17 23:59
How abouta list of OT8s and or OT 7s who have gone psychotic? It is sad, it is tragic, but it happens. This is no joke.
+1 # Karry Campbell 2011-08-18 13:50

Karry Campbell, Scientologist since 1976, ex-staff LADay 1985, ex-SO: OSA 1986 & FSSO & Freewinds 1986 to 1994. Processing Level - to be rehabilitated soon. Final Post - KTL/LOC Sup

Thank you,
Karry Campbell
+1 # MidgeZylker 2011-08-23 15:44
Scientologist since 1977. Book 1 Auditor, Pro Tr's, KTL & LOC, Clear, L 11 & L12. Completed my doubt formula 1998 & never looked back. Subsequently my stats soared having spotted DM as the SP!!!
+1 # Sandy Richards 2011-09-21 12:43
Please add me to the list. I stated my position on Marty's blog the other day.
-1 # Ronnie 2012-03-13 20:36
...or is the Indie 500 list suddenly growing faster?
+1 # Calvin Duffield 2012-03-16 11:24
Calvin B.Duffield. South Africa. Joined LRH
Scientology in 1971. Confirmed lifetime Scn
after the original HAS course, Student Hat,FSM,PRD,Life Repair.Purif.off lines for 20 yrs. devout application of original LRH tech daily.
+1 # Candy Swanson 2012-03-19 11:48
please add me to the Indie 500 List:
It's Candy Swanson here. I'm a Class VIII XDN original OT VII, MSW
[Master of Social Work].
Contributions to LRH & Scn: Statistics [New York Org, 1966], Conditions
by Dynamics, Exchange by Dynamics, and OCA Test hatting to 42 field auditors [all in 1972-1974 from the Independent Field].
Posts held: NY Org Div I, helped at AO Alicante [Review Auditor], am a Liability Cruise Survivor [Crew Tutor], helped set up AO Scotland [Div 6 and
Fly to Freedom Lecture Tour
], set up AOLA [Review Auditor], Top LRH Power Sea Org Mission to NYC [1969], set up CIC for LRH on the Apollo 1969-1970 [C/S II Communicator], and was Celebrity Center's Celebrity Auditor 1970-1972.
Since 1972, 40 years successful Field Auditing & Intro Courses in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Hawaii & Orange County.
I was Ira Chaleff's first wife and helped my 2D Alan Walter in Dallas, 1988, setting up his own game.
+1 # Anita Hsu 2012-04-08 02:29
Hi, all:

Can you put my name in the list, please. I should have done this long long time ago.

I am from Taipei, Taiwan. Being in the church for 15 years, Clear, Purif IC trained and previous TU Chinese editor and translator.
# Thomas Schäfer 2012-05-20 05:36
Hello Steve, I would be proud to be included in the list:
Thomas Schäfer, Class I Auditor, Ex-Staff Frankfurt Org
# Bill Dupree 2012-05-27 12:49
RE: The Indie 500 Of course whether it be the Indie 1000 and beyond the initial idea was genius. What a way to grant beingness to all who were thrown out, jumped out or is waiting to get out. This lets that SPDM that there is an army of good amassing and we don't need his stinkin corupt church to do Ron's work. Indie is an ideal of the heart. Bill Dupree: interupted training flow
# Barb C 2012-05-29 18:58
Me too on the list and Not putting my full name on the web.
# Thoughtful 2012-05-30 09:35
Sorry Barb, but putting your name on the list is the whole point. If you want to keep you name off the Internet, then you can put a period between each letter, like this: B.a.r.b. L.a.s.t.n.a.m.e. — then it will not be indexed by Google as a name.
# Brian Wenger 2012-06-07 13:45
Hi Steve,

Please add us to the list:

Brian Wenger, Scientologist since 1981, Patron IAS, email: brian wenger @ hotmail . com (no spaces)

Margarete 'Peggy' Wenger, Scientologist since 1975, email: margarete wenger @ hotmail . com (no spaces)

# Pax Tielman 2012-06-11 01:39
In Scientology since 1972. Joined Amsterdam Org. Did the full Ethics and Justice (HEJC) course in 1975 East Grinstead. SSI - SSII - Exec SS. Solo Course and many other courses.

Scientology should be RESTORED.
# Ron Bible 2012-06-19 13:40
Entere Scn in 1975, left in 1990 as ClVI, cancled clear cert with 2 runs of objectives. Now still CLVI SOLO NOTS Completion in Indy Field. Life is good again when I see these amazing Ex So members standing tall., You were always my heros. Thanks
+1 # Nancy McPherson 2012-08-04 16:08
Ah yes, sign me up to that great list!

Clear, L-Rundowns. On staff at Orange County Org 1.5 years as Class IV auditor and Word Clearer starting around 1989. Drifted away around 1995.
# Christine Baranay 2012-09-11 13:20
Dear Steve,

Please add my name to the Indie 500 list:

Christine Baranay (McDonald, Gualtieri, Williams) -- OT VIII, non-interned Class IV, SO Veteran Public reg - Dir Reg SO CCLA 1972-1975, 1975-79 Flag Management D/CS6 for Expansion under Diana Hubbard, Dir Clearing FSO 1979-1980 --
-1 # Sharon Sigmond 2012-09-11 13:30
I have already taken my life back and I can appreciate what the Indie 500 sybolizes, so feel free to add my name.
# John Boswell 2012-09-11 14:15
Up till now, I felt like the first 500 should be reserved for those who endured DM and witnessed first-hand where things have gone. However, Marty's post today brought to light a good point: Momentum. 500 is a number that will have enough postulates and theta behind it to get people's attention that much more.

For that reason, and others, I'd like to include my name. Though I was never in the SO, RTC, or anything else, I CAN say that I completed the OEC/FEBC training in the early 90's. That at the end of my Data Series evaluation, I saw clear as day how David Miscavage was at the heart of the supression of the Co$. I am proud to count many OT's as my friends, people I have helped see the truth of things. People who came to the same conclusion that I had, but were afraid to admit it. I'm proud to remind anyone who needs a hand... that it IS okay to Be There, and to Communicate.
So, I throw my hat into the ring. If you will have me.
John Boswell, former Austin Fdn staff, OEC/FEBC grad, KTL/LOC, Ready for the Bridge!
# Edie Irons 2012-09-11 20:16
I've just sent out a Letter of Disconnection to the Church of Scientology with copies to various branches, friends, COB, IJC, EO, Flag, Freewinds. Will soon get it published as well. Please put me on the Indie List!!

41 years in the church.

ARC to you all!
Edie Irons - Artist
# Dean Detheridge 2012-09-12 15:46
Sydney, Australia
# Kerrie L. DallaCosta 2012-09-20 09:06
Scientologist since 1977.
# Carey DallaCosta 2012-09-20 09:07
Scientologist since 1971.
# Nathalie 2012-09-22 00:43
Bravo to my friends, Aline, Jean-Paul Pelletier, Alain and Claude Tizioli.... You open the path.... Thank you.
# Mike Walimaa 2012-09-28 21:54
Hey, steve! When are you going to post my "declartion of independence? Mike
# Mike Walimaa 2012-09-30 10:07
Just read a recent article by David Lacroix on effective PR to deal with DM. The link is: http://www.freeheber.com/index.php?title=Reform_Strategy

How is this for a slogan:

"We don't need turf - loose the Smurf!"
# Guest 2013-02-27 13:02
Joined in Zimbabwe in 1974. Off-lines since 1990. Live in Johannesburg. Any Independents in SA delivering Upper Bridge? Would like to link-up.

Good work Independents!
# Julia Nickson 2014-02-13 01:30
Started services at CC Int LA in 1994.
PTSP, KTL/LOC, Grade 1, Top Book One Auditor
CCI - 2005 Left church in 2010 and am now
continuing up bridge indepently.
# Ronit Charny 2014-07-10 17:21
Please add My Husband and myself to your list. We gave our announcement on Mike Rinder's blog.

Ronit Charny
Joseph Charny
# Marianne Hopgood 2014-07-14 07:47
Marianne Hopgood
# Jenni Silberstein 2014-09-16 13:20
I would like to be on this list. I recently changed my name from Janet Stein to Jenni Silberstein so some people know me as Janet Stein. I became a Scientologist in 1969 and I left the Church in April, 2014.
+1 # alice jena 2014-09-30 11:30
Am I on this list? I am named: Alice Jena. Was in since 1977; when my then boyfriend, then husband, and now ex, had me join. I was a "cult member" until the "wasband" left me in 2005. Now I am proudly: declared, and verbally OUT! Was clear, un clear, clear, unclear, until I could not care enough to continue. Had too much of my life wasted on course, and training and having auditing -
+1 # Alex de Valera 2014-10-06 11:27
I would appreciate being in the list, which must be in the thousands now. I am an ex OSA staff in Paris at Paris Org. I was in for over 30 years and left in 2012. Have been posting comments using my real name in Karen's channel, Rinder's blog and other sites.
+1 # Elli Fordyce 2014-11-01 10:10
Elli Fordyce here: happily addicted from 1966 to 1980, including staff at Miami Org part of 1967-8, helped with initial starting of Gladys Gorbea's mission in P.R. part of 1968, staff at CCLA part of 1969-70. Went cold turkey after doing OTIIIX (old school) during the big schism.

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