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Saturday, 20 March 2010 19:29

I've known Janela Webster since she came into Scientology at Austin in 1983. Right away, Janela joined staff and became the Public Exec Sec for the night and weekend organization. In 1985, Janela joined the Sea Org and became the Flag Rep in Austin. In 1990, she was transferred to the Int base as the newest member of AVC Int RTC -- the Church's top Authority, Verifications and Corrections unit (a division of RTC). She was there when all of Int Management was forced to toil in the septic pond by order of David Miscavige without respirators or health protection because one staff member "took too long to edit a book." She was also there when David Miscavige suddenly and without provocation punched Norman Starkey, setting off Norman's hearing aids. You see, Normal Starky was already an elderly gentleman in his 60s, while Miscavige was 20 years younger and fit from daily workouts with his personal trainer. Janela was also there when Miscavige ordered all of Int management -- some 80 people of all ages and sketchy health -- to be woken up in the middle of night, brought to the Int base, forced to jump in a pool, then marched directly to the CMOI conference room in their sopping wet clothes and made to work around the clock for days. She was also there when staff were instructed on exactly what they were to say should a visiting Tom Cruise ask, "Where's Marty Rathbun?" Marty had left Int for good... everyone knew it, but Miscavige didn't want his wealthy tool, Tom Cruise, to know. Janela was also there when Jenny De Vocht the "Commanding Officer CMO Int" was forced to stay up for non-stop seven days... until her eyes were dark and hollow sockets. Even the CIA classifies shorter bouts of sleep deprivation as "torture." When Jenny finally crawled into a bed, Miscavige had her hauled back to the CMOI conference room ("the Hole" a.k.a. "SP Hall"). Meanwhile, Miscavige also had a bed brought in and placed in the middle of the room. After humiliating and degrading Jenny as a "weakling who couldn’t go without sleep," he ordered her to go to sleep in the bed while all CMO staff watched.  After a week of no sleep, Jenny dozed for the next two days in a conference room full of people who were themselves not allowed to leave until she got out of bed. In 2006 Janela left the Int base for good. The decision to tell her story did not come easy. It is something she has agonized over at length. Janela was even contacted recently by Marion Pouw -- David Miscavige's Chief Obstructor of Justice. Perhaps Marion should have remembered the old rule, "Don't Mess with Texas." Finally, Janela knew the time had come and she was ready. She discussed the idea with her daughter and decided to come forward. As a result, Janela's name appeared on the "Indie 500" list last week. - Thoughtful

day-of-the-deadI am writing this to make it known my own personal experience with the physical and emotional abuse I either witnessed or experienced from David Miscavige, including his forcing me to disconnect from my daughter when she was 14 years old.

I also want to make it known that, being staff on the Int Base and in RTC for the better part of 15 years, I have differentiated between Scientology and truth from downright arrogance, coercion, physical abuse and any other scare tactics that were used to control us.

What was and is happening on that base is not Scientology; the destructive activities that are occurring and that so many others have spoken about were never the reasons I became a Scientologist or joined staff in 1983. My purposes were to use Scientology for the greatest good, not only for myself, but for others, which, for me, being a staff member was the ideal scene.

Over the years, life at Int degenerated until finally it had nothing to do with Scientology anymore. It became all about David Miscavige and how he was the only one that could do anything right at that base and “everybody else” was just suppressive and didn’t deserve a life. We were the targets of his continual wrath and black propaganda -- the complete reverse of what Scientology teaches.

Accordingly, toward the end of my tenure, I convinced those I worked with that I was incompetent and my only worth was to do staff laundry. Ha ha – the joke was on them. I did staff laundry because it was more productive than sitting at a desk gritting my teeth and mulling through my head how the hell I was ever going to get anything done in that mad house!  I’m fully trained in LRH’s administrative policy, but I sure LOVED doing laundry in those last days of my life there. Although fellow staff members would only glare at me and made sure I understood what an irresponsible bum I was, I could not believe their blind devotion to this tyrannical monster, a devotion that seemed to grow stronger with each passing day. I knew who the real idiots were.

LRH said that some people were so degraded, so indoctrinated into being kicked about and beaten down they slavishly can only follow a suppressive person. They are people who’s minds are enslaved.

For those sheep still condoning abuse from David Miscavige, lying for him and covering up his crimes like Tommy Davis, I can only say “Shame on you.”  They have lost any and all sense of dignity or truth and in no way exemplify what Scientology is.

Norman Starkey: how could you stand up and lie about David Miscavige not laying a hand on you? I was standing right there in the office when he just walked up to you and boxed you in the ears with no concern whatsoever. And you, a senior citizen in your ‘60s? Why is it that he has such a hold on you?

And since when is it that someone can tell me that I’m not a Scientologist if I’m not affiliated with that organization? You can’t tell me what I am or am not. No one, not David Miscavige nor any organization has totalitarian control over truth – you can’t rob my identity because I refuse to allow it. And you will never ever control me with the idea that my eternity lies in your hands ever AGAIN. Sorry, it lies in mine.  When I saw this for myself I broke from your hold and found freedom.

While I have my own personal experiences of being thrown in the lake; sleep deprivation; being incarcerated on the Int base and forced to sleep on a cot in my office for 7 months; starved on a diet of rice and beans for weeks; the most destructive and painful of all was the forced disconnection from my daughter in 2001. My experience is one that rings of violation of parental rights, human trafficking, and labor code violations.

My daughter moved with me to the Int base in 1990 when she was 3 years old.  She lived on the Int Ranch (called Happy Valley) and, while I did not see it in the earlier years, the lack of any time to be a parent or to spend time with my daughter severed my relationship with her. The only time available to see my child was on Sunday mornings, yet that was also the time scheduled to wash clothes and clean berthing. So, I was lucky if I even got to see her at all, since I frequently had to work on a night schedule and sometimes ended up working during that little “free time” we had in the week. In addition to this, I later discovered that my daughter was being told by staffers at “Happy Valley” not to “talk to me” when she had problems as she would distract me from my job. What parent does not want their child to come to them when they have problems? That’s what parents are for!

In other words, it was the perfect recipe for destroying or preventing any trusting and loving relationship; the exact reverse of what LRH intended and spent his whole life teaching.

In 1999, David Miscavige went to the Int Ranch to do an inspection. I don’t recall the specifics of what he found, but the result of this inspection was orders to ship all children off to either Florida or Los Angeles, forcing them to take jobs on staff.  Was I ever consulted as a parent? No. Did I have any say in the matter? No. Parental rights did not exist and the idea of asserting them was “out-ethics.”  Instead, I was told that Christina, my 12 year old daughter, was being shipped off and routed into the Sea Org in LA.  

I had grave concerns for my daughter leaving the base and further away from me. She was having problems at the Ranch and probably needed more care and handling than what one receives then they join the Sea Org.  Sure enough, after being in LA for approximately 6 months, she started to hang out with the “wrong crowd” and took unauthorized leaves from her staff job to roam the streets of Hollywood.

In the summer of 2001, my daughter originated wanting to leave the Sea Org.  I was at a complete loss. My daughter, who, at that time was 14 years old, wanted to leave and I had no control on what was happening with her. The idea of allowing me, as her mother, to see her, be a terminal, participate or have any decision on handling her ever was not even considered a possibility.  I originated going to see her, but no, in the Sea Org, everybody is a thetan in a body and there is no recognition of the impact a mother or father have with their children and making decisions about their lives. She was “out-ethics” and acting “suppressively” and others were expected to handle it so that it was “not on my plate” as an RTC staff member.

September brought disaster. One of the security guards who worked for David Miscavige during the Maiden Voyage was sent back from the ship early due to some failure on his part to live up to David’s expectations. As part of his “ethics handling,” the RTC Representative in Los Angeles assigned  him to watch my daughter full time. When David found out about that, he came into my office (AVC Int RTC) and confronted me with the matter. He looked at me straight in the eye and said, “and do you know what one of my personal security guards is doing?”

When I replied, “No”, he told me how his security guard was watching “my” daughter. Of course, the entire room went silent and I was speechless. That David Miscavige even “mentions” my daughter as a distraction to him brought on an entire host of additional meaning  to the situation and suddenly, Christina was a flap that RTC had to terminatedly handle.

The next day I was confronted by one of David’s direct juniors, Greg Wilhere, on the idea that my 14-year-old daughter was suppressive. I was coerced to write a disconnection letter and disconnect. It was a robotic, cold and squirrel handling. Never would  the handling be for me to talk to her myself, be a terminal for her, be a loving mother and find out what was going on. No, it was sec checks, ethics, disconnection. The concepts of mother, child, daughter, family do not exist.

One would think that as a staff member in RTC who is responsible for ensuring that the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology were used standardly and not perverted, that we would be applying standard tech 100% on ALL dynamics. Yet  I received no standard handling – only coercion to disconnect, and the whole debacle resulted in a severance of the remaining threads of relationship I had with my daughter. Had I been stabbed in the heart, it would have hurt less.

Christina was shipped off to Coldfoot, Alaska. I didn’t talk to her again until January 2003 when her father died. At that time I was informed, more than a year later, that “it was never meant for me to be totally disconnected -- the disconnection was just a ‘disciplinary’ action on Christina.” Oh yeah, and then I, her mother, am not told this until a year later?

The years following were very rough for Christina. She moved from Alaska to Tennessee, turned 18, couldn’t hold a job, had no money and eventually walked out of my life altogether. I did not know where she was or how to contact her. Every day I was desparing and the only “handling”  I was allowed to do was to work with ethics staff. Yet these staff usually didn’t know what to do either and were too busy handling the “out ethics particles” on David’s plate.

I got to the point that I didn’t know what to do anymore. My hands were tied at that base so I resolved that the only way out, was to take matters in my own hands and somehow get free. I already knew that I would never be allowed to just walk out of there – I have seen too many times what others have gone through to leave.

Toward the end, Christina attempted to contact me, but her communication was intercepted and blocked.   To fill up empty chairs in the audience Int base staff were ordered to attend a New Year’s event where David Miscavige was to speak.  There, a security guard spotted Christina and found out that she was looking for me. I was immediately grabbed and shoved into an early bus back to the Int base (which is near Hemet, California -- about 90 miles due west from LA) so there would be no contact. Yet this was my daughter, in trouble, living on the streets and reaching out for help.

Around this same time period, my mother (who I hadn’t seen in 14 years) had a stroke. For me, this also represented the chance to escape. I gave no one any reason to suspect anything on my “leave” to see my mother. Once I was sitting on the plane and in the air I knew I was free. My mother needed help and I’ve spent nearly every day with her in the three years since I left. But not 24 hours had passed before I received a phone call from RTC ordering me back to the base within 24 hours. Well, you can guess what my answer was to that.

While providing care to my mother, it still took me another year to find out where my daughter was.  Finally, she contacted me. The relief I felt that day when she called!  She had been living in Long Beach and working at the Aquarium.

Since that day, while still caring full time for my mother and going to school, I have worked to somehow make amends with Christina and take responsibility for the great wrong done to her. We continue to make progress.

And I want everyone to know who is reading this that, to this day I still can’t believe that I, at one time, would have done anything to support David Miscavige, including the abandonment of my own daughter. But, at that time, I believed that following David Miscavige was for the protection and expansion of Scientology. But it was destructive and I never live a day without thinking about it. And I know so many others have had similar pain, for he ordered the divorces of dozens of people, and is responsible for disconnections affecting thousands of people all over the world.

At the Int base, through constant repetition, it was continually drummed in to me that I had a PTS situation with my mother and daughter. I had Greg Wilhere yelling 2 inches from my face on how my mother is suppressive. Yet, my mother is a sweet lady, wouldn't hurt a fly and has appreciated me more in the past 4 years I have been back than I ever was in the 15 years I worked in RTC. Well, the perverted application of the disconnection policy is what created that situation for me. And it would never resolve because PTS tech was never standardly applied.

My experience at that base was not a happy or successful one. You would think that staff, particularly those working directly under David Miscavige, would have abundant and successful lives on ALL dynamics. Not one of living literally like a slaves, stripped of all dynamics and acting like meek bums that aren’t worth anything.

And while I am now working on rebuilding my life, I still have scars, as I am sure other numerous children, parents, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters do as a result of squirrelled disconnections. Christina was but one victim. There are thousands more.

What David Miscavige has done is NOT Scientology.  

It is human trafficking.

Written by Janela Webster



+8 # Dan and Mariette 2010-03-20 23:37

You've told it exactly as it is and we applaud your courage for telling your story. Church parishioners are supporting this kind of treatment by their continued donations. That's the truth, despite anything Tommy Davis may say. Really well written.


Dan and Mariette
+5 # Janela 2010-03-21 08:32
Dan and Mariette - thank you - and thanks for being there!
+3 # augustus 2010-12-15 00:53
I have been out from the Seo Org since 2007 and I have known about the Independents for some time but I had not mustered up the courage to speak until now. I have joined the crowd!

Please check the blog I have started today:


Visited and comment.
+3 # Alice 2010-03-21 01:58
Dear Janela,
Thank you for your write-up and the courage to publish it.

Having oneself dedicated to help his fellow man with Scientology tends open oneself with being susceptible to the argument - even if only felt - that something would be „for Scientology“ or „for the greater good“. And then one acted on that or tolerated things or even forced oneself not think about things one had seen.

However, something being for the greater good or saying or implying (and may it be just by post or title) that it would be „for the greater good“ is not the same cup of tea.

I had confused these two points many times and at one point I looked at it why I hadn't noticed that difference and realized that the most hardest thing for someone who is dedicated towards the creation of ARC is to deal with someone who has dedicated himself to the destruction of ARC. That is the greatest possible distance someone would have to cross in understanding. Non-ARC cannot be understood, it cannot be filled with understanding.

And quite in addition, evil does carry a hypnotic quality – no communication is permitted to go in the other direction. This can be observed in many examples in politics and history.

Evil can be confronted and can be labeled as what it is. However, the lowest confront is on evil, as Ron wrote and it is my view that the above is the reason: It is the least amount of similarity to one's own ARC.

The is my own personal view. It has helped me to understand something. That's why I share it.

Again, thank you for sharing your story.
0 # Janela 2010-03-21 07:29
Hi Virgil, and thank you for your thoughts and for offering yourself as a terminal. Following ones heart is probably the best advice to give anyone. When I started doing that, things started to go in the right direction.
+2 # Janela 2010-03-21 08:23
Thank you Alice - and thanks for sharing your story.
0 # Virgil Samms 2010-03-21 01:59
I am really sorry about your experience at Int, Janela. It is one of the saddest stories I have ever read. I want to go and kick the midget for an hour, but I am going to still stick to the middle road and ignore my emotions to do so.

I wish you all of the happiness for the rest of your life. Please live with your heart int he right place.

If you need a terminal, please allow me.

ML Virgil
+8 # Brian 2010-03-30 14:32
Doing nothing or taking the middle of the road against "wrongs" is why the evils in life remain...
+4 # Stefan Tunedal 2010-03-21 01:59
sad by how you and your daughter was treated. I am very sorry for this. I find hope in mankind by the fact that you reunited with her, and with your mother.
+2 # Ron Minor 2010-03-21 06:29
Janela thank you for sharing your story.

It's sad to see what the Sea Org has become. I have a friend who has been in the SO for over 20 years. After she joined and went to Gold I lost touch with her. A year or two ago She was busted out of Gold. She called me to reg me for my "Basics". I tried talking with her and could see that she was devoted to Miscavige and how great Scientology was because of him.

She didn't like my views about Miscavige and not only disconnected from me but advised friends that we had in common to also disconnect. (they didn't)

I admire your courage for not only standing up to Miscavige, but also for speaking out and telling the world about the abuses.

I wish you and your family all the best.

Ron Minor
+2 # Janela 2010-03-21 08:23

Thanks Ron!

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, that is what happens - the use of disconnection has been totally corrupted - but good on the ones that refused to disconnect. Hopefully your friend will open her eyes and see the truth one day.
0 # Kirsi 2010-03-21 06:49

How terribly insane a group can get. I appreciate your firm recognition of who is real nut and your love for LRH Tech.

My heart goes out to you, Christina and your mom, wishing you my very best and hope to share a cop of coffee with you one day. Could even have a laugh at some of the most incomprehensible stuff that went on inside.

Take care,

+1 # Janela 2010-03-21 08:24
Sharing a cup of coffee sounds like a great(UL) idea - thank you for your thoughts - my mother thanks you too.
+1 # Marta 2010-03-21 07:56
Thank you, Janel, for sharing your story, joining the Independents and the Indie 500. Your story is so important because you were there, on the scene as an eye witness and a recipient. You, and the others who witnessed, are oh so important to putting an end to the abuses.

And, who the hell do they really think they are - so bossy [sic], even after you're gone. Telling you what you can and can't do!

My husband and I left SO with our 15 month old son in 1979 and spent 25 years independently practicing Scientology in Life. The last eight years "inside" the CoS convinced us to find out what was really going on. OMG - rude awakening - but awake is, after all, so much better!

All my best wishes and postulates to you, your mother, and your daughter.

Thanks again - you go, girl!
+1 # Janela 2010-03-21 08:32
Marta, thank you and agree. In my opinion, because I was there, I have no other choice but to report it, which is something that I have been battling with for a while now since I have been out.

I am glad, for your son's sake, that you got out when you did - and to think at one time that I considered no other place to be better for my daughter to be. Oh boy...
-1 # Marta 2010-03-21 07:57
Spot on, MostlyLurker. Love this case study reference.
+2 # Windhorse 2010-03-21 08:25
Janel your story is just heartbreaking. The wonderful thing is the resiliency of the human spirit and the unbreakable bonds between mother and daughter. (your mother/and your daughter).

How fortunate that you were able to find each other. How lucky we are to hear your story and be able to share it with others.

Having known Greg Wilhere when he was a kind man - having seen him pick up his precious son, Darius, who smashed his head running around the Flag pool and cradled him until he stopped screaming -- having him run a light assist on my 4 year old step-daughter whose tiny fingers were caught in the power windows -- it's tragic to see where he has come.

Hearing of Greg's cruelty is a testimony to what we CAN become -- dark, evil, arrogant, self-serving and completely in TERROR because of our connection with a real live soul-less human being.

Again, thank you for your willingness to come forward. Some day I hope that Greg will ask your forgiveness, the forgiveness of his son and IF Sandy is still alive - hers.

It cannot be easy being Greg Wilhere. You are healing, those you love are healing. All of us here are healing.

Greg is still in hell and contributing to it.

0 # Janela 2010-03-21 08:49
Hi Windhorse - I agree with you on Greg Wilhere. I even heard while I was at the base that he didn't even go to his mother's funeral when she passed away - could be rumor, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were true. The staff I lived and worked with had to be some of the best people that I ever knew who wanted nothing more than to help. It was never confusing to me what was behind a staff member's dramatization of evil.
0 # Sinar 2010-03-21 10:17

Thanks very much for going ahead and putting your story out.

You have kept your integrity throughout the whole ordeal and makes it obvious that those lying and pushing for a suppressive regime do forward the hidden agenda of human trafficking. My hat's off to you.
0 # Janela 2010-03-21 08:37
Thanks Sinar - the same goes to you my friend!
0 # Thought provoking 2010-03-21 11:10
Thank you for sharing your story. I understand the courage it took to reveal such private thoughts. I am glad that you and Christina are once again connected. Lots of ARC, esspecially A was what worked in my situation. I wish you many future pleasure moments on ALL of your dynamics. You have earned them!
0 # Natalie Hagemo 2010-03-21 11:56
Thank you so much for sharing your story Janela. As a mother my heart goes out to you and your daughter. I'm so happy that you are free now and have a chance to fix things up with your daughter.

Again, thank you for pulling back the curtain and exposing what needs to be exposed.
0 # Janela 2010-03-21 20:00
Thanks Natalie - I'm glad to meet you.
+1 # flourish 2010-03-21 12:00
The confront of evil is one of the hardest things to do per LRH, VWD to you. Heartbreaking story of the SP treatment of you and your daughter. May you now be able to flourish and prosper. Although I haven't disconnected publicly, since doing it privately (within my own family), my GI skyrocketed into the stratosphere and the sky is the limit as the layers upon layers of suppression keep coming off with new found cognitions and abilities formerly held down. Hard to believe that such a simple action of disconnection would produce such astounding results having gotten the right item! When the timing is right I too will come forward publicly but for now I get great satisfaction that none of my GI is supporting the monster, as it is about him after all and his relentless march in taking down our church. I wouldn't doubt he is a member of the CIA.

Price of Freedom, constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back, there is no other price per LRH, such a shame that we are having to apply that to our own church that has been so corrupted.

Godspeed to you!
0 # Janela 2010-03-21 20:06
Thank you flourish - wow, if you do this well privately, I can't imagine what you'll do when come forth publicly - you might just crack the planet! Thanks for your reply and sharing this with me!
0 # Barney Rubble 2010-03-21 12:38

Your absolutely right, it's not Scientology. Wow, I thought I had it bad, but your story is just stunning. I am relieved you have located your daughter though.

We knew one another back before your pre-int days, do you have an email address? Or if you prefer you can get mine from Dan.
0 # Janela 2010-03-21 19:59
Hey Barney,

Wow, I'm really curious as to who you are. Email is

Look forward to hearing from you!
+2 # AlexMetheny 2010-03-21 12:39
Dear Janela,

It really makes me sick to see Scientology perverted in this way.

I know how people want to help others and to then twist it into not being able to help your own children is just unbelievable, yet, I do believe it.

On the plus side you had the smarts and guts to get out and stop the Kool-aide drinking.

It is great to have you on our side and together we will reign triumphant over the SP.
+1 # Lise 2010-03-21 15:01
Dear Janela,

Thank you for sharing your story, it was heartbreaking. I am so glad you were able to get out and reunite with your daughter. I wish you and your daughter all the best and sincerely hope that the rule of DM will be over soon and others can reunite with their loved ones as well. I am sure your story will give hope to so many others.
+1 # TRUTH 2010-03-21 15:01
Wow! What a story. Thank you for sharing it with us. we LOVE you for all your courage and integrity.
I am very glad to know that you and Christina are reunited and happy together.

Keep flourishing and prospering. We are winning!!!
+1 # Brad Hagemo 2010-03-21 15:47
Dear Janela,
You are obviously a big, tough thetan. Like any parent my heart aches at the thought of your daughter being denied the love and support of her mother. We all must learn from the past, live in the present and strive for a better future. I do believe that what you may have lost in the past will make your present and future that much richer. You have many friends that you have never met and we all wish for you a life filled with the joy and prosperity.
+3 # Steve Cook 2010-03-21 16:03
Janela, This one really got to me. Heart wrenching. I often tell people that despite all the years that I lived on the base I didn’t have it as bad as most and although I do have a few stories to tell, hearing your story would seem to confirm this. It also confirms the fact that disconnection is being solely used as a means of control. Now that you are free to forgive and be forgiven and love unconditionally, which is inherent in us all, I am sure the best days are still ahead for you and yours.

And don’t underestimate the effect that your story will have.


+2 # Haydn 2010-03-21 16:05
Thank you Janela for telling your story. I read it 24 hours ago but I am still spitting blood and furious at you know who.I remember your daughter from the CMO Nursery and knew your basic story but I didn't know some of the horrific details you mention.

All I can say is you have renewed my resolve to make sure Miscavige answers for his crimes and that an end is put to such criminal activity.
+1 # Janela 2010-03-21 19:57
Haydn - hello! Thank you so much - confronting it, making it known and hearing from others is therapuetic and aids to the healing process. Thanks for what you are doing and tell Lucy hello and I miss chatting with her!
+2 # Shannon 2010-03-21 21:31
I am soooooo proud of you for this. Even though I was in the same org as you for some years, I HAD NO IDEA this sh_t was going down. Once again I am so proud.
+3 # Amy Scobee 2010-03-21 23:25
Janela - Thank you so, so much for telling your story.

This is EXACTLY why I'm speaking out and why I will continue to speak out until that organization is forced to let families be re-united and cease their human rights violations and physical, mental and spiritual abuse.

It has got to be exposed. Again, thank you so much.

Love, Amy
PS: You were always nice to me when you were in RTC. Thanks for that too! :-)
+2 # Janela 2010-03-22 19:51
Amy! Thank you! I purchased a copy of your book by the way - can't wait to get it!
+1 # Fidelio 2010-03-22 01:20
Dear Janela,
thank you for speaking out, thank you for your courage, for your good heart, for you strength and true and enormous greatness!!
As Steve said it: NEVER underestimate the effect that your story already has and will continue to have.
+5 # MoslyLurker 2010-03-22 01:21
I watched nice video yesterday. www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTwXeZ4GkzI

Starting at 18:40 the speaker says:

There was a case study done in 1960's Britain, when they were moving from grammar schools to comprehensive schools. It's called the streaming trials. We call it tracking here in the States. It's separating students from A, B, C, D and so on. And the A students get the tougher curriculum, the best teachers, etc. Well, they took, over a three month period, D level students, gave them A's, told them they were A's, told them they were bright. And at the end of this three month period, they were performing at A level.

And, of course, the heartbreaking, flip side of this study, is that they took the A students and told them they were D's. And that's what happened at the end of that three month period. Those who were still around in school, besides the people who had dropped out. A crucial part of this case study was that the teachers were duped too. The teachers didn't know a switch had been made. They were simply told these are the A students, these are the D students. And that's how they went about teaching them and treating them.

So, I think that the only true disability is a crushed spirit, a spirit that's been crushed doesn't have hope. It doesn't see beauty. It no longer has our natural, childlike curiosity and our innate ability to imagine. If instead, we can bolster a human spirit to keep hope, to see beauty in themselves and others, to be curious and imaginative, then we are truly using our power well. When a spirit has those qualities, we are able to create new realities and new ways of being.

David Miscavige seems to be mastering the ability to crush beings.

Janela, I'm so happy you break free. You are creating new beautiful realities and for your family and others!

Thanks for telling your story!
+2 # Janela 2010-03-21 13:37
MoslyLurker, thank you for your comments and for sharing this case study - you make a very good similarity with it and the atmosphere around DM. It never made sense to me while I was there how I come I was so incompetent, meek and unable to do anything right, whereas prior to Int I was always one of the most talented and intelligent people in my circle of friends and acquaintances. Yep, I think this "crushing" of beings probably had something to do with it
+1 # lunamoth 2010-03-22 09:34

When I first sat down to read this posting, my husband said "It will make you cry."

It did.

I can't imagine the torture of the situation you were in, knowing your own child needed you, needed help, and you couldn't help her.

I think the degree of respect and care given to the relationship between a mother and a child is a great indicator of the health of a culture. What dm has done to that bond and to the family as a whole shows the world that he's a monster, plain and simple, and he has created a culture of insanity within this church.

Who else but a monster would do this sort of thing to a mother and a child, not just once, but as his operating basis? Forced abortion, forced separation of young children from their families, forced divorces, forced disconnection of family members from each other...

Good for you, Janel, for getting the hell out of that madman's sphere of influence, and for reclaiming your dynamics. I send you lots of love and good wishes for building a new relationship with your daughter. Now you guys have a chance.
+2 # Janela 2010-03-22 07:23
Lunamoth - thank you for your reply and yes, I don't think I ever felt the degree of despair ever as I did when I had no idea where my daughter was. Particularly when I left, I remember driving down the highway towards LAX airport, looking at the LA skyline, knowing that my daughter was down there somewhere, and not having any clue as to where to start looking for her. It's like drowning in a well of misery, unable to find a way to climb out of it.
I thank my lucky stars for the way everything is turning out now. There was a period there where I thought I would never ever see her again. Thank you again for your support.
+2 # Cat Daddy 2010-03-22 17:01
We must get him That is Child abuse.
+4 # Sharon 2010-03-22 17:09
You are so right Janela - it certainly is human trafficking and it must be stopped. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

A huge virtual hug to you.
+2 # Sherry Katz 2010-03-22 17:38
Dear Janela,

I understand what it took for you to get up the courage to tell your truly heartbreaking story. I am positive that the effect will ring far and wide as truth.

I admire you greatly and wish you the very best in your new life.

These actions as described by you and numerous others must be stopped. I'm sure your story will encourage others to step forward. It's time.

Sherry Katz
+1 # Ex-ILO 2010-03-22 17:45
Thank you very much for sharing your story. There are so many people who have come forward and given us a description of the craziness on that base. You are all brave people and I thank you all for coming forward despite personal danger. (effective blow)

One has to be totally screwed in the head to continue to support DM and his off-policy, squirrel SP programs.
+1 # Janela 2010-03-22 19:54
Thanks everyone who has commented on my story and for such support - I love you all for it.
+1 # Shelly 2010-03-22 21:29
Thank you, Janela, for telling your story. I remember when you came to RTC and AVC. I last saw Christina when she was probably around 5 years old. It was one of those last, rare occasions when parents were allowed to spend a holiday with their children. You brought her to the dining hall for some sort of event. I remember her as a sweet little girl and I was happy you had some time together. I did not know how everything played out and it pains me to learn what happened, but I am glad you finally reconnected.

While I never had children of my own (due to the SO "rules"), by way of my partner of 7 years, I have a 4 year old grandson, a 15 year old "step" daughter and 25 year old "step" son. They are completely a part of our life and though I have not raised them, I love them and can never imagine purposely destroying the bond between a parent and child. In my eyes, that is evil to the nth power. I don't believe DM will ever reform on this subject, as I am quite sure he is utterly incapable of "love" on any level.

Best of luck as you move forward with your family and your life.

0 # Marcy 2010-03-23 19:41
Janella, Thank you for your willingness to share your story.
For me, when one tallies up all of DM's crimes to the church and mankind, the worst of them all is denying children even the most minimum and basic rights and necessities. Nurturing, a decent education and a safe place in this world. These are rights that all children have a right to expect. I haven't even mentioned housing and food here.
I remember seeing bumper stickers that said "I survived Catholic School." Does this give anyone any ideas?
+2 # War and Peace 2010-03-23 21:44
Good job Janella.
Please write more.
You could do a series of articles going in depth on various times.
You have an appreciative audience.
War and Peace
+2 # Janela Webster 2010-03-24 08:55
Hi War and Peace - yes, I will say more. When I first wrote this, I wasn't thinking ahead, but doing this cracked the ice for me and its now melting...
+2 # Misha 2010-03-26 15:37
Thank you, Janela, for your story. I totally understand how that all went down and witnessed parts of it personally, including meeting your daughter in LA in 2000 and 2001 when on project at FLO. I remembered how much she lit up when I told her I knew her mom personally. She was following me around after that introducing me to everybody and explaining that I knew her mother personally.
We were all fooled and betrayed, we were all PTS. Now we are all coming around and many come out swinging at the evil midget the best we can. I am sure not just that he WILL reform but that he has ALREADY started reluctantly changing his ways. I am sure the CNN program that starts in a few days will help put his ethics in too, in a big way! So there is hope and all the best to you and your daughter!
+1 # Tatiana Baklanova 2010-03-26 18:50
Dear Janela,
Thank you for speaking out, it is very much appreciated! I agree with you, that what DM does is NOT a Scientology. Hubbard says that COMMUNICATION is a solution, we need more and better communication. But DM is cutting the comm-lines, using disconnection and SP declarations left and right. If we can bring it home to people in the Church that Dm does not equal Scientology, which he made them to believe, then scientologists in the Church will be able to look at him directly and see him as a separate entity and oppose him when disagree.
Do you know anyone who can witness and prove the case and training level of DM? He obviously does not qualify for the post he has occupied. I know this data is a dark mystery, but it should be made public. The more light on DM persona, the less power he will have.

Warm regards,
+2 # Joe Howard 2010-03-26 19:37
DM is a Class IV auditor from the 70s, which is basically the equivalent to a Grad V Auditor today. His case level is on Solo NOTs. Not complete on the level.
+2 # Tom Weeks 2010-03-26 22:34
Thanks for telling your story. I think that for every ex Sea Org member that writes their story, there are about a 100 others who haven´t for one reason or another. But it is so important that this message gets out! Good luck in your future.
+2 # Juan 2010-03-30 22:33
Reading all these post looks like a group of supresive people have taken the church of scientology completely. Just the opposite of scientology suppose to be
+2 # lynn 2010-03-31 05:05
Of all the horrors I've read somehow this one made me cry, I think because your own sincerity and warmth as a being comes through so much. please feel free to contact me, if you feel you'de like a friend. I'm in the LA area. My admiration is for you for keeping yourself and your integrity together; only a big being could survive this ordeal. Best wishes to your daughter.
+2 # Roger 2010-03-31 05:47
It would be great if Anderson Cooper had this story. This is a compelling story and all Scientologists, and others, should know about it.
+2 # gordon 2010-04-01 19:37
Dear Janela, Your story is something that puts a real face on the twisted evil of David Miscavige, and the contagion of lunacy he has created in the SO. It may be that the forced parting of you from your daughter (like something borrowed from the orders of comrade Joseph Starlin) will be one of the strongest indictments of this fiendish little man. This story may help the confused parishioners out there to make up their minds about what is going on in their church. The way things are going however there wont be anyone left in the so called "church" pretty soon, except a few poor twitching victims playing the Renfield servant character to DM's Count Dracula. The good news however is that everyone will be on the outside practicing real standard tech Scientology the way it's going. A long beautiful fun future to you and your child my dear. love Gordon.
0 # Theo Sismanides 2010-04-04 10:35
Dear Janela, thank you for sharing your story with us. I cannot believe how criminal people can get in a philosophy that has so much to offer. DM's grip is fatal and he has to be taken out. This criminal behavior of people towards you and your child shows how soulless and mindless they have become. They should have let you handle the matter or be in some way near her. However the priority is not people is FILLED POSTS and people like you are sacrificed for the "greatest good". I never understood that fanaticism and actually it is not Scientology. That you have been in RTC, saying what you are saying now, shows that there are many wrongs things there. Me and my wife understood it since 1997 when we were given verbal data and a hidden line by RTC terminals on translations. We freaked out with the out tech and off policy. After that we kept a vigilant eye on RTC and surely we got to understand it was all coming from up there. You did good, you left them like that. Happy we meet now here even over some distance but, hey, OTs can be cause of space and time. Wish you all the best and please keep it up, we definitely can do a lot more with you on our side.
+1 # Andre Tabayoyon 2010-04-08 07:48
Thank you for letting everyone know about the experiences of Sea Org.

+2 # Tara 2010-04-12 17:13
Janela, this is totally heartbreaking.
But this is the very reason I left after over 12 years, because of my daughters. I saw kids like yours when I went to upper orgs for training and services and it broke my heart then too.
I remember thinking about veteran org staff members and ex-staff who were public at AOLA and ASHO, not even on staff anymore, whose kids had gone way off the rails so many years before and they'd lost all control, all ability to help them with the tech.
I couldn't imagine a particular Class VIII wonderful auditor having such a derelict kid! It just didn't compute. The longer I was around the upper lines, the more I understood how that could happen.
When it actually started happening to me, thanks to our new Int-Style management at our mission, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Thanks for telling your story and much love to you and your family.
+1 # Lady Lancelot 2010-04-26 22:30
Thank God you got out. Thank you for sharing your story. We shall all overcome the tyranny and live free. Sad and inspiring story.
0 # Songbird 2010-04-27 11:01
As a single devoted mother of 4 wonderful sons (3 of which are grown up now and doing absolutely FABULOUS), I can tell you that the C of S could not care less about your family, your children, your health, your financial situation. Registrars will say ANYTHING to get your money - they have to, or they could very well be put in the hole. The trick of telling parishioners that their eternity is at stake is if they don't GIVE, GIVE, GIVE $$$v is as old as religion itself and just another way to enslave.

I'm so happy that you and your daughter have reunited. This can be the start of a great new life for both of you! Help each other get the education you need to get great careers (I recommend the IT industry, if that aligns with your goals and purposes) and use the study tech to become the best students you can be. I'll be rooting for you both!
+1 # Me 2010-05-27 20:15
I know this is a late post. I have only been looking on these sites for a little over a month and I thought I heard the worse of it until I came across this.

I just read your story and I was sitting with my head in my hands trying to imagine what you must of gone through, I just can't. It is too painful for me to even imagine.

I had to write something to you, but I don't even know what to say. This is like reading a post from someone in a prison camp in a country with no human rights. My God, this is the USA! My head is spinning.

I don't know if you and your daughter are up to getting the charge off of this with an outside auditor right now, if not, I hope your lifes brings such happiness that you both can at least key-out from the years of torture you both went through.

My thoughts will always be with you both.
0 # Janela 2010-06-06 14:33
Hi Me,

Thank you very much for your origination; makes no difference the time that you sent it, your thoughts are very much appreciated.

I do want to let you know that both my daughter and I are working on putting our lives back together. I do, however, hope that some day I can get in session again. My daughter, on the other hand, I don't think ever really had any tech applied to her, other than perverted ethics tech and my postulate is that one day I can get her in session and so that she can get the charge off, not just on her childhood, but on Scientology itself so that she can differentiate between the truth and the criminality.

The irony of it all is that I wanted nothing but the best for her, and I wanted her more than ever to gain the wins from the tech and, unfortunately, didn't happen.

Thank you very much again!
0 # War and Peace 2010-07-07 23:19
This has been posted on the Internet more than once, but I will quote directly from Steve Hall's intro to Lana Webster ex RTC member page.

Janela was also there when Jenny De Vocht the "Commanding Officer CMO Int" was forced to stay up for non-stop seven days... until her eyes were dark and hollow sockets. Even the CIA classifies shorter bouts of sleep deprivation as "torture." When Jenny finally crawled into a bed, Miscavige had her hauled back to the CMOI conference room ("the Hole" a.k.a. "SP Hall"). Meanwhile, Miscavige also had a bed brought in and placed in the middle of the room. After humiliating and degrading Jenny as a "weakling who couldn’t go without sleep," he ordered her to go to sleep in the bed while all CMO staff watched. After a week of no sleep, Jenny dozed for the next two days in a conference room full of people who were themselves not allowed to leave until she got out of bed.
End of Quote

I am wondering if David Miscavige has sex with Jenny de Vocht AFTER he ordered her sleep deprivation for 1 week, or before.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION is a form of torture ... and is a practice of inhuman and degrading treatment common in the Sea Org at INT Base, especially 5 days before an INT event.

War and Peace
+1 # SpecialK 2011-03-27 01:59
Well that is enough for me. I decided to disconnect from the church today.
Although actually I have blown from the church for many years anyhow.

There are one of these after the other.
Reports from high level staff leaving, then all these horror stories.

I was on staff my self at an Org, and was constantly recruited for the Sea Org.
I feel I'm real lucky now I didn't take that plunge.

To make a long story short, I just couldn't handle being on staff anymore.
Pay was virtually non-existent.
I was living with my parents and the only choice was to move into some kind of cheap commune like accommodations with other staff.
When often doing things that I considered personal favors like transporting people around in my own vehicle at any hours of the day with out and reimbursement, I was berated or belittled for nonsense things.
Plus I wasn't allowed the staff study time I was supposed to get.

And there was a lot of strange goings on at the org.
Stuff that the "public" had no idea about.

A staff member who was a good friend I found had sex with an underage girl in his car. He told me because he saw me talking with the girl a lot (no I didn't either).
Now it didn't bother me so much this fact, maybe she was 17 at the time and after all age is kind of a consideration et al
But more bothering he told he had traffic tickets or something and just blew one day. Out of the org, out of state he was gone. We lost contact, I miss the guy, he was a good buddy.

There were all kinds of blows, staff and public, they were constant. As I'm sure it's like this today still.

Staff members marring and then divorcing each other in short periods of time.
It was just short of wife swapping.
This couldn't be right.
I had enough..

When I went to route out being a staff member.
The division head told to me and other immediate staff it was because I was GAY (not happy, homosexual).
Even the girlfriend of the another staff member told me I secretly wanted her boyfriend.
Go ahead an laugh.., what I say is true.
I guess because I didn't make a pass at her when she rubbed on me that made me gay. And it had nothing to do that she was underage and happened to have a boyfriend.

None the less, I must be a very suppressed gay.
It's been decades now. Many a beautiful woman have walked barefoot on my floor.. And now married for many years and three kids later.
And not a single gay tryst, nor even the remote interest for it..
0 # Elaine Rockwell 2012-07-17 11:07
Janela, my heart is crushed for you and your daughter after reading this and your horrific experience. I have no words of comfort; just very glad you got out. Your family will be in my prayers.
+1 # Cara Voca 2012-07-18 10:21
I am so happy to be re-connected to you! Finding out that you had left and been declared SP when I ABSOLUTELY KNOW you are not one kicked me over the edge and I am not turning back. We go way back and I can count on your story being the truth and nothing but the truth- AMEN!
-1 # Ginny Fox 2013-09-22 13:44
Found out from a mutual friend, DH, that you were not part of the church anymore. Your story is heartbreaking. I rmember you when you first came into the Org. Bright eyed, energetic, ready to change the world. I'm so glad that you are putting things right with your daughter. That diconnection policy is the most destructive action one could possibly imagine. So many families destroyed or pulled apart, and it is all needless.
Thank you for your story,

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