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I was a member of the Church of Scientology for decades and was married to the President of the Church of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch. Our son was Alexander Jentzsch. When I started to speak out publicly about abuses and horrific on-going violations of human rights within the Church, they retaliated by coercing my son to "disconnect" from me. Within 3 years, in 2012, he subsequently died of neglect while inside the Church. He was only 27 years old. To make matters worse, Church of Scientology executives blockaded me from seeing my own son's body and attending my own son's funeral. David Miscavige who has run the Church of Scientology for three decades is a corrupt evil psychopath responsible for the deaths of many people who, like my own son, succumbed to oppression. This blog has been established to protect the public by blowing a whistle of fire on CoS corruption, exposing their crimes and atrocities. Follow me on Facebook - Follow me on Twitter

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Sunday, 21 August 2016 01:07

(Note: This article was originally published at Mike Rinder's blog and is reposted here for informational purposes)

Somewhat buried under the coverage of the demise of Gawker and its greatest hits including publishing the infamous 2004 Freedom Medal of Valor video of Mr. Cruise making an ass of himself,, comes this from the International Business Times (and apparently Us Magazine, though I haven’t bothered to check that).

It’s a strange position to be in for scientology. They deny it’s “not them” keeping Tom away from Suri. Yet, if they are to be taken at at their word, they are throwing Mr. Cruise (they don’t want him referred to any other way — just like Mr. Miscavige and NOT Captain Miscavige) under the bus. He has apparently not denied the repeated stories that he does not see Suri. That would be the obvious thing to do if it not true. He used to file lawsuits over things like this and Bert Fields letters flew to the media outlets. So, the only explanation left is that he doesn’t care about his daughter enough to visit with her?  Wow. Good going there footbullet kings….

Here is the statement scientology is reported to have made, defending itself and trashing Mr. Cruise:

The Church of Scientology denied the allegations, telling Us Weekly: “We never comment on individual parishioners’ lives. On the issue of Church religious practices, we do not know who your anonymous sources are, but they got it all wrong. The answer to your question is no.

“Scientologists respect the faith of others, associate with and befriend members of every religion. Scientologists do not cut ties with non-Scientologist friends or family members because they have chosen another religion.

“Given that Scientology is a new religion, Scientologists often have family members and friends who are not Scientologists and who may practice another faith or no faith at all. This causes no conflict for Scientologists.”

This is, as is typical, an interesting and very misleading statement. They parse words like Bill Clinton denying his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Let’s start at the beginning:

We never comment on individual parishioners’ lives. Unless of course we have decided they are “SP’s” and we can apply Fair Game to them. Technically, they are no longer “parishioners”, so this is “true.” But all the information we then disclose about them is from when they WERE “parishioners.” They get all sorts of personal information from their parishioners and generally do hold it — until they no longer deem them suitable to be protected by the “priest penitent privilege.”

Scientologists respect the faith of others, associate with and befriend members of every religion. Unless those beliefs are not compatible with scientology. They do not respect the beliefs of ex-scientologists. Or atheists (look up “Godless psychiatrists” in the writings of Hubbard — it appears over and over as the most dismissive condemnation possible). It is technically true there is no proscription against any other faith — they make this a big deal for public relations purposes.  Except as one advances in scientology and is indoctrinated into Keeping Scientology Working and then more advanced scientology writings about Jesus Christ being an implant, you discover that every other religion is NOT compatible with scientology and to be a scientologists you CANNOT practice any other religion, or even yoga or anything else. Anything NOT scientology, whether another religion or self-help scheme is categorized by the derogatory term “Other Practices” and at the lower levels is severely frowned upon and discouraged and at the higher levels is specifically forbidden.

Scientologists do not cut ties with non-Scientologist friends or family members because they have chosen another religion. UNLESS THOSE FAMILY MEMBERS ARE EX-SCIENTOLOGISTS. If your other religion is “Not-scientology” it is not only a lie that scientologists do not cut ties with you, it is MANDATORY that any scientologist MUST cut ties. As a scientologist you don’t have to cut ties with your grandparents because they are Presbyterians. That is true.  You don’t have to fire employees because they are Buddhists. You are allowed to see a doctor who is a Methodist. But you would be pushing the envelope if they are members of the Westboro Baptist Church, as those fundamentalists are categorized as “Anti-Scientologists” and thus you cannot be connected to them. If you RETURN to Catholicism AFTER converting to scientology, you are definitely persona non grata to scientology and all scientologists must disconnect from you. Your former relationship with scientology trumps your new religion’s status.  So, it all depends on whether you choose “another religion” AFTER scientology. And if “another religion” is deemed “Anti-scientology.” And it also depends how deeply you are IN scientology. Scientology deems it a “High Crime” to remain connected to someone who has been designated as no longer in “good standing” with the church. So, this statement also qualifies as “pants on fire.”

Given that Scientology is a new religion, Scientologists often have family members and friends who are not Scientologists and who may practice another faith or no faith at all. This causes no conflict for Scientologists. Again, unless that friend or family member used to be a scientologist. Or they have ever said something negative about scientology. Or they are a “government agent” or a psychiatrist, or a media reporter.

Miscavige thinks he is very clever with these carefully parsed statements sent to the press. He thinks nobody will notice and many media will blithely publish them without comment. And he is correct in some regard. But the truth is that everyone knowledgeable about scientology who sees this knows it is a lie. And that includes existing scientologists.  When Tommy Davis infamously went on CNN and outright lied about disconnection and lied directly to Paul Haggis, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And that led to the New Yorker article by Lawrence Wright (“The Apostate” a wonderful piece if you have never read it) and subsequently to Larry Wright’s book Going Clear which was then the basis for Alex Gibney’s HBO masterpiece of the same name.

You would think he would learn….

But fortunately, humility does not permeate the world of a sociopath.  In their mind they cannot ever do anything wrong. So they will never learn from their mistakes and will simply keep repeating the same disasters over and over until finally they are no more.



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